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I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m feeling pretty good about the fact that I taught myself how to crochet less than a month ago. Who knew crocheting was so easy-peasy? One day while the boys were napping, I was doing a little online shopping and wasting away my husbands hard earned money on a crocheted sock monkey hat from Etsy. I thought to myself ‘What am I doing? I am crafty, I can make this!” So I headed over to Michaels, picked up some yarn and a crochet hook, watched a few YouTube videos and BAM before I knew it, I had created these super cute apple cozies, then a bear beanie, pumpkin beanie, football beanie….and I haven’t stopped since! If you like to crochet and want FREE patterns, check out the Crochet Pattern Central.

I made these apple cozies as a gift for my older son’s preschool teachers. They were a huge hit at his school. The apple cozy pattern I used is from CraftyAnna.
For the Bear Beanie, I altered a monkey hat pattern from Easy Makes Me Happy. I love her instructions because you can choose the pattern based on size (0-3 months, 3-6, 6-12, toddler, adult).
This cute little thing was made for a friends baby boy who was born mid October. I used the newborn size pumpkin beanie pattern found here. It’s stuffed with a newborn size halloween-themed onesie :o) The perfect gift for a little October baby!
I didn’t follow a pattern for this toddler size Football Beanie. Once I got used to doing the earflap hat, I felt comfortable switching colors and getting a little creative. GO HAWKS! 
(photo courtesy of Shannon Erickson Photography)
These adorable newborn size flower beanies were made for my best friend who is expecting identical twin girls next month. The flowers are tied on, so she is able to remove them or switch them with different colors if she has trouble telling apart Baby A and Baby B :o) You can find the pattern at AlliCrafts blogspot. I can’t wait to try more of her FREE patterns!


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    Wow! Your beginner projects are amazing!It gives me hope to start crocheting the cute stuff like you made! The hats are so adorable! And who knew that an apple cozy could make apples so cute!! :)

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      I just went through your whole blog and I love it!!!!! You are so amazing!!!!:) I will definitely be coming back here for my crochet patterns and dinner ideas! :) thank you so much for all your wonderful posts!!!!!!! My friend and I have been emailing pages of your website to each other because we think everything is just so wonderful!!!!:)

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    Hi Sarah!

    Glad I read this post; I feel motivated:) I learnt crochet at the age of 10 from my grandma but could not do much other than projects with basic stitches. Was held up with studies and then my job. But now I want to learn and make as much as I can. I have now gained a bit more confidence in creating my own patterns. But I am always apprehensive before I begin a new project. Not sure, do the designers also feel like that ? :)

    Take care,

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    Wow.. Love your blog!
    Just learned how to crochet a few months ago as my daughter is expecting, and I'm addicted to it now :)
    Can't wait to make some of your patterns for her. Minnie diaper cover is top of the list.
    We love fried rice here too, and I'm going to be making it for dinner tonight. Thanks for the crockpot recipe.

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    I love your blog too! My neice actually found it, sent me the link so I could make the Mickey Mouse hats for her two boys! I added the ear flaps and braided ties to the Mickey hat. Thanks for the free patterns!! :)

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    HI, I was looking for a pattern for baby booties and I came up on your site. I just love the pattern for the baby booties!!!!!!!!!!!! You keep up with the good work. Your are super!!!!!!!! Thank You so much!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!! RUBYDIAMOND

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    Hi Sarah… What a fantastic website! This is my favorite above all… I am searching for the Roller Derby Bootie Skates and Hat (Helmet) Crochet pattern for Infant/toddlers… Do you have that? Can you so this one for us?? :) I have seen them online but no one has the pattern out there. And no one will answer my questions lol…
    Thanks Sarah…

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    I tought myself (with the help of Youtube about a year ago.(At age 60) I wish I had your talent. I practice everyday, but cant get to your level. You should be a teacher at Michael's!

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    I'm totally late to the party in reading how you began crocheting!! I'm in AWE that you started crocheting not that long ago and the amazing patterns that you now create and share! I've been crocheting since ~2007 and I've yet to successfully master creating my own patterns.

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    I just fell in love with your site over the past few weeks and had to jump back to see how it all started! I'm the same as you … taught myself a few years ago. Definitely not as talented as you, but it sure is fun to see what's possible when it comes to crocheting!

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    I am so happy I found your blog! 😀 I just learned how to crochet thanks to youtube and myself two weeks ago and now I cant stop! Your patterns are amazing and easy thank you

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