Pizza Numbers and Shapes

Here is a fun activity to do with your little one and you can make dinner (or lunch) at the same time! I bought some pre-made pizza dough, sauce, shredded mozzarella and sliced cheddar cheese. You can use any kind of cookie cutters but I thought it would be fun to use the “numbers” cutters that came with my sons play-doh set (be sure to wash them well) to cut into the cheddar cheese slices. He is really interested in counting and learning his numbers, so this was a good activity for him. He also had fun squeezing and spreading the sauce and sprinkling the cheese on top.

After it baked, the cheeses had melted together. So instead of cutting it into pizza slices, I cut it using different shaped cookie cutters. It’s much more fun to eat it this way :o)


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