Washington Huskies Beanie

When we moved to Portland I knew I was going to be surrounded by Duck and Beaver fans, but I underestimated how much school pride they actually have. Every other house on my block is waiving either an Oregon or Oregon State flag, not to mention the millions of bumper sticks, window decals, signs, and apparel. One house even has an Oregon Duck face carved into the tree in their front yard. I miss my fellow Husky fans and was desperate to see some purple and gold! I crocheted this little Washington Huskies beanie yesterday. The “W” is made of felt.

I’ve also been working hard on a bunch of holiday hats. I hope to show you pictures soon and possibly open an Etsy shop!



  1. Jennifer says

    How could buy this (sans ball on top) from ya? Also- was looking at the Seahawks one too!
    You are great at this!

  2. says

    I love the Huskies, (I was born and raised in WA, but moved to CO 15 years ago) but my daughter is a Wyoming Cowboy. I would love to make her a similar hat. Do you have a pattern to share?

  3. Anonymous says

    Without the "W" it's just a hat. 😉 You could make the hats and then on your website give directions how to make felt letters.

  4. says

    I cant seem to locate the link on the site for this hat. I make all kinds of hats for the newborn nursery at our local hospital and I donate them for the babies to wear to come home in. I just loved this hat. It was adorable and it covered their little ears. However, I will be forced to changed the colors and change the schools where I am from. Thank you so much for all of your patterns. You cant believe how many I am using. Thank you. so much

  5. Chantal says

    Hi Sarah,

    Just wondering if you have a pattern for this hat? I see that a few have asked, but I don’t see a reply to their question…

  6. says

    Glad you brought this post out again. Sorry to hear about your friends. That is heart breaking. I thought is was just me, but your words about watching Kenny ride are the same things I do. I like to follow my hubby so I can “keep an eye” out! It is a rare occasion when I take the lead. Do you still do that? Any pointers on how to handle all those thoughts??

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