Rainbow Ball Toss

Seeing all the rainbow craft projects for St. Paddy’s Day has inspired me to do one of my own. I made up a set of 5 crocheted rainbow colored balls for a fun little indoor ball toss. The crochet ball was one of the first crochet patterns I ever attempted. And we still have that first little ball in our toy closet. It makes for a great indoor toy being that it is so soft and light. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t made more of them!

For our Rainbow Ball Toss, I crocheted a red, orange, yellow, green and blue ball (balls are about 3 inches wide). I found coordinating color boxes and bins around the house and labeled them with their color name. The red, yellow, and blue bin are from our toy storage rack, the orange box is a nike shoe box and the green is a plastic bin we use for bath toy storage. The concept is simple: throw each color ball into its matching color bin. For a challenge, we threw the balls from different distances and mixed up the order of the balls and bins. This is also a great sorting and matching game for little brother!

If you crochet, here is a great ball pattern by Julie-K. If you don’t crochet, you could always roll yarn into a ball, or if you are interested, I would be happy to make you your own set of crochet rainbow balls :o) Visit my Etsy Shop to place an order.



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