Monster Piñata

Ok, I’m going to admit that I am getting a little burned out on monster crafts. Are you sick of them yet? Fortunately the party is in two days so this is the last of it! I actually had much grander ideas for the monster piñata but I’m tired, and time is short, so I really did the bare minimum with this one. But I thought I would share anyway.

There is a great piñata store here in Portland called Boom Boom Balloons. It actually isn’t anywhere close to the suburb we live in, but my Aunt who lives in North Portland, happens to be neighbors to this wonderful place. I called her up last week, desperate for her to find me a round, green piñata that I could embellish into a monster.  I spent a good hour looking at my phone as she texted me pictures of all the different handmade piñata’s that were hanging in the store. The shop owner makes all of them herself and she will do custom orders as well! Despite a little bit of a language barrier with the owner and my aunt trying to figure out picture and text messaging, she came through with flying colors!

Here is what she ended up buying me (BTW it was only $13!):

My initial idea was to leave two spikes on top and then create hands and feet with the other spikes. And of course cover up the Green Lantern with a monster face. Well, it turned out that there were too many variables and complications in turning spikes into hands and feet. So I went ahead and just made a cyclops monster face. I think it still looks good and goes will with the theme, so I’m happy. Besides, it’s not about me, it’s about the boys and they will had a great time smashing this to smithereens.

If you live in the Portland, OR area and want to check out this store, here is the info:

Boom Boom Balloons (Go to their website and check out all the cool pinata’s!)
2739 N Lombard St
PortlandOR 97217

(503) 289-7807


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