Super Why Mask

Big brother recently started taking an interest in the PBS Sprout show “Super Why” and since it’s one of the more educational shows on TV, I was happy to have him watch (in moderation of course).  It’s an animated series, focusing on building preschoolers’ early literacy skills, teaching lessons in friendship, teamwork, and respect, as well as how to identify words and letters. The main character, Whyatt, turns into the superhero “Super Why” and along with his other superhero friends, they travel through classic storybooks like The Three Little Pigs, building familiarity with popular stories.

He was having so much fun singing the songs of the show, I whipped him up his own Super Why mask for a little dramatic play. 

I first I created a template to print out, cut, and trace on to green felt. Scroll to the bottom, if you want to download the template for your own use.

I cut the green felt, punched two holes in either side of the mask and tied on yarn (you could use string or elastic) to use as the strap. That’s all there is to it! 

If you want the mask in different sizes, you can scale it with your computer printer settings.

Have fun becoming a superhero!
Super Why Mask



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    My Connor (just turned 4) has fallen in love with Super Why!! In moderation of course, but with his increased interest in spelling, it has been great! The first thing he's ever been engaged with television wise!!

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    Heather, I feel the same way! I think this show has been great for my sons interested in spelling and the alphabet. He loves singing the ABC's with Alpha Pig :o) Thanks for your comment!

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