Pumpkin Starter Seed Cups

Jack-O-Lanterns in May? Yes! but of the paper kind :o) I posted that we planted our vegetable garden a couple weekends ago, but I still had some packets of pumpkin seeds that hadn’t made it outside yet. Then our 80 degree Portland weather took a turn for the worse. It’s been cold and rainy and I am pretty sure I saw hail the other day. I’m crossing my fingers that our poor little veggie plants pull through. So I decided that we would make starter seed cups for our pumpkins and let them grow indoors for the next 2-3 weeks. The Target dollar section had a package of seed cups that I snagged up on our last shopping trip. I thought to make this project a little more fun, we would decorate them as Jack-O-Lanterns in anticipation of our October pumpkin patch.

First we painted the outside of the cups orange with non-toxic paint.

I cut out different shapes for the faces. Large and small triangles, circles, squares, and crescents for the mouth. This was great activity for shape recognition practice. We glued the faces to the cup when paint was dry.
Then we filled the cups with soil and planted the seeds.

A little water and now we wait for them to grow!



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    I've got to get a hold of those cups…where did you get them? Please e-mail me or drop a note on my FB :) Thanks for sharing again this week. you always come up with great ideas!!

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