Angry Birds Pumpkins

I never thought we would be Angry Birds fans, but it has happened. Big brother found the App on my phone a couple weeks ago and got us addicted to it! Since he likes Angry Birds so much, I thought it would be a fun Sunday craft activity to paint our mini pumpkins to look like Angry Birds characters. Big brother was pretty excited about it :)

We started painting the pumpkins at 7:00 am (while we were still in our jammies!). We used acrylic paint which coated the pumpkins well. Only a couple needed two coats.

To make the faces, I printed out pictures of each bird from Google images and used those as a guide. I cut and traced most of the parts onto craft foam that I found at the Dollar Store. The beaks, eyes, and borders were drawn on with a black sharpie. Then the faces were glued onto the pumpkins with a hot glue gun.

We think these little Angry Birds pumpkins turned out pretty darn cute! Big brother says they all are his favorite :)

Update 8/16/2012:

Amy of Creative Kids Snacks suggested making a Caillou pumpkin! I thought it was such a fabulous idea that we used our extra pumpkins for exactly that! So here is our Caillou and Gilbert pumpkins :)



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    Amazing and super cute. I've got six mini pumpkins lined up on the TV stand (I bought them with the intention of decorating them…about 3 weeks ago haha). Thanks for sharing this – I think you've inspired me to decorate my pumpkins :)

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    Super cute — and I love Caillou! You are featured this week on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy! I hope you will stop by and grab a Featured Button from the Button Box on the sidebar this afternoon. Pinned. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve been working on!

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