Monday, October 29, 2012

Monster and Mummy Sandwiches

It's Halloween week and there is no better time to send your little one to school with a spooky sandwich! Big brother made monster sandwiches with his class last week and brought home the directions so we could make our own. We attempted our own versions this weekend and wanted to share our monster and mummy sandwiches with you!

Monster sandwich:
-1 slice bread
-1 slice turkey deli meat
-1 string cheese for horns and teeth (cut triangles)
- Olive eyes
- Dab of mustard for the eyeballs
- Ketchup mouth

Mummy Sandwich
- 1 slice bread
- 1 slice turkey deli meat
- Olive eyes
- string cheese for the mummy wrap

And yes, he did eat his sandwich! (most of it anyway)

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome! What a cool way to try to get kids to eat something.
    I've tried to decorate their plates -- putting food down to look like a face -- but I really like the sandwich thing.
    Thanks for sharing!