Red Light, Green Light Game Signs

Stuck inside on cold rainy days? Never fear! You can still make your own indoor fun especially if you have supplies and ideas from! graciously sent us a box of craft supplies for us to try out. Everything from stencils to paint dab markers, glitter, pipe cleaners and more! So yesterday we got our creative juices flowing and came up with a homemade game of Red Light, Green Light.

We used the shape stencils and paint dab markers to make a stop sign, go sign and slow sign. The paint dabbers are virtually mess free and easy for little hands to use. Even little brother got in on the fun!

I cut out the signs and big brother added some glitter to each one. He also decided he wanted to make a necklace with the pony beads which turned out to be the perfect lanyard for his police whistle.

We even used the cardboard box the supplies were sent in to re-enforce the signs and glued on a popsicle sticks for the handles. The letters were printed out using Helvetica font which I cut out and glued on.
Now we were ready to play our game!
Little brother got on his ATV and big brother got in his police costume with his signs and whistle. He got to decide when little brother would “Stop,” “Go,” or “Slow” down. When little brother got tired of the game, I stepped in to play :)

You can find more fun ideas at as well as on their Facebook page!



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