Paint Mixing Stick Garden Signs

We are getting ready to plant our vegetable garden soon and thought we could use some new garden signs. This is a quick and easy project and great for the kids to help with. And did I mention FREE?!
You will need a handful of paint mixing sticks. You can usually find these for free at your local home improvement store. And you can use whatever paint you have at home (I bet spray paint or permanent marker would works as well). I used a combo of acrylic paints and paint pens.
First paint your sticks
Then write the name of the fruit or vegetable on them :) If you are OCD like me and like to have your text look nice and neat, I will show you a fun trick.
Print out the words using a font you like.
Then use a pencil or small tip pen to trace the letters onto your wood. 
Press hard and it will leave a nice imprint.
Then use a small brush or paint marker to fill in the letters!
That’s it! Stick them in the ground near each fruit/vegetable. I will post pictures of them in our garden when we plant everything.
If you like this idea, you may like the vegetable garden rock signs we made last year!


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