Rainbow Ripple Crochet Blanket

I came across this lovely ripple blanket pattern from Attic 24 and knew it would be perfect in rainbow colors. I made it small: 24″ x 24″ so that it would be a good size for a car seat blanket, lovey, and photo prop for my baby girl (due in September). I also think this would make a wonderful gift for someone who is expecting their Rainbow Baby (a “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage or still birth).

The tutorial for this blanket can be found HERE: Attic 24 Neat Ripple Pattern. It has wonderfully detailed instructions and pictures. This pattern is very simple. I was able to make my blanket I’m 2 days. I would love to make a larger version in the next couple months. My only word of advice is to try and make your starting chain loose.  Mine was pretty tight, so my first row ends up curling in a little because it is tighter compared to the rest of the blanket. Also, I made 3 rows of each color as opposed to two in the original pattern.

Blanket Dimensions: Almost exactly 24″ x 24″. I made 3 rows of each color and had 14 colors total.
Foundation Chain: 87 chains (6×14+3). I would double this for a larger blanket (171 chains (12×14+3)
Hook Size: Size H Crochet Hook

Here is a list of the yarn colors I used. All are Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn or Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Baby Yarn.

1. Brick
2. Scarlet
3. Terracotta
4. Rust
5. Mustard
6. Beige
7. Fern
8. Sweet Pea (Vanna’s Choice Baby Yarn)
9. Dusty Blue
10. Little Boy Blue (Vanna’s Choice Baby Yarn)
11. Aqua (Vanna’s Choice Baby Yarn)
12. Dusty Purple
13. Pink Poodle (Vanna’s Choice Baby Yarn)
14. Pink

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I did! Thanks to Lucy from Attic24 for the wonderful pattern and directions!



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    How much yarn do you think you actually used all together? I would like to do this for a friend but in only two different colors. Trying to figure out how much yarn I need to buy.

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      Maybe 4 skeins at the most? I used about a quarter of a skein of each color. Look at the dusty purple color. That was a new skein when I started the blanket and the picture is how much I had left after making 3 ripple rows. So it really doesn't use very much!

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    I'm sure little Zoe will love snuggling up with her new lovey. I am a follower of Lucy as well, you and Lucy together is like chocolate and peanut butter, a perfect combo and I can't get enough.

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    This is just gorgeous–and your crocheting is flawless! I tend to get stuck in the pastel baby blanket rut, but I needed one just like this for the next baby coming in my family. Thank you for posting!

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    I chained on with a hook one size larger than I was going to use for the rest of the blanket and then did the first row in one size smaller than I was going to use for the rest of the blanket. That prevented any curling and made that first row a little easier to crochet.

    I love the rainbow colors and your blog. I agree with the commenter above who said you and Lucy are like chocolate and peanut butter!

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    for the 24×24…how much yarn did you use total? I want to make this with fewer colors. Did you use the entire skein of each color? I just need to know how much to purchase. Thanks

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    Did anyone convert this UK pattern in US? I would love to start this but I don't think I am converting everything correctly. I changed all the "tr" to "dc" and all the "tr2tog" to "dc2tog". The first row in her pattern was "1 tr into 4th chain from hook" If I change it to 1 dc, would I still go into the 4th chain from the hook or the 3rd chain? And would that be counting the actual chain on the hook? I am new to crochet (I am normally a knitter) and have watched several you tube videos but they have all said different things. I am not sure which way is correct. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    WOW, WOW AND WOW. Lovely easy to follow tutorial, step by step I loved it. I'm going to show to my friend who is pregnant and I'm going to crochet a blanket for her. I'm sure she'll love this pattern.
    Thank you x

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    Sarah, yours almost has a ribbed look to it. Is that just from working 3 rows of each colour instead of 2? No fancy changes, like adding a row of sc or working around a post?
    Thanks for sharing this – I love it!

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    Hi I have a question (your opinion) I have started a blanket for my daughter that is really time consuming – I really want to just get it finished. I have already 6 rows of flower motifs complete and when they are sewn together they have a ripple edge to them – do you think I could some how incorporate them into a ripple blanket. So start a ripple blanket join a row of these motifs than ripple between than another row of motifs etc till large enough for a blanket? The other thing is that the number of stitches would have to be increased from groups of 14 to groups of 22+3 as counting the number of chains up and down a motif is 22. Hope this makes sense and I thank you for al your lovely patterns and thank you in advance

  10. Debbie Searle says

    Thanks so much for sharing your starting chain length. I wanted to use this pattern to make a baby blanket, but had no idea how many chains to start with.

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