University of Michigan T-shirt Quilt

I’m crafty, but there are some things that I don’t know how to do (yet) and quilting is one of them. One day I would love to learn the art of quilt making but I just can’t take on other hobby right now :) So when my husband wanted a quilt made from his University of Michigan t-shirts, he turned to his co-worker Brenda and her Mom Rexanne for some help. All I can say is WOW! We are over-the-moon about the finished product. No sense in storing all of the old school t-shirts or having them take up drawer space. Turning them into a keepsake quilt allows for them to be showcased and displayed all year round…especially during football season!

Because I didn’t make this quilt myself, I don’t have a tutorial but there are several different online t-shirt quilt tutorials you could follow LIKE THIS ONE. You can also contact the person who made this quilt: Brenda and her mother Rexanne Woodward, owner of The Quilt Girl. Her e-mail is This project was too beautiful not to show off with a series of pictures and I thought it might give some of you quilters some inspiration. So here it is!
The finished piece is approximately 7.5 ft high by 5.5 ft wide.
Close up of the borders

Close up of the front

Back of the quilt

Happy Quilting! Would love hear your quilting tips and tricks and please post links to some beginning quilting tutorials and/or classes if you know of any!



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    Beautiful quilt. I love collegiate items. I am also new to quilting, although I have been sewing for 30+ years. So, not too many tips and tricks learned yet. You should go ahead and try quilting. It is addictive, lol :)

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