Crochet Maze

Hi Friends! Here is a fun printable for you to work on this weekend! The talented Eric J. Eckert has created a crochet maze just for Repeat Crafter Me fans! He has cleverly included my logo, a ball of yarn and a crochet hook into a complex maze that even I have yet to solve! Eric Eckert is an artist known for putting celebrity faces into his own hand-drawn mazes. You can find all of his celebrity and character mazes HERE. I love these Angry Birds Mazes and I bet your kids would too!

Eric has been creating mazes since he was seven years old and can make each maze in about 20 minutes! He has also covered the walls of his home office in mazes! It took him 35 hours and 24 black sharpies. All I can say is WOW! You can see more pictures on Eric’s website:

Feel free to download and print out the crochet maze! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD <<<
If you want your own custom maze, Eric can make you one for $25. CLICK HERE for his contact info. Thanks Eric!!



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