Polymer Clay Snowman Buttons

When you can’t find what you want in stores you have to DIY it! This was the case for these snowman buttons. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted at the craft store so I took out my polymer clay and made my own! These are easier to make than you may think. It helps if you make an assembly line and create a bunch at once. Perfect for embellishing your crochet hats, cup cozies, and many other projects! Leave off the button holes, add a magnet on the back and give a set of them as a gift. Lots of possibilities!

– Polymer Clay.  I used Sculpey III purchased from Michaels in a big assorted pack of colors. Luckily the white had a nice glittery shimmer to it! Perfect for snow :)
– Empty water bottle (optional). I used a Dasani water bottle.
– Sculpey gloss glaze and paint brush
– 4 toothpicks

First lets make the circle for the head. Create a ball and press it down so its fairly thin (about and 1/8th of an inch). Use the water bottle as your cutter to create a nice round shape! You want to avoid using kitchen tools with polymer clay because it leaves a residue that is toxic. You don’t want to mix it with your food. It also helps to work with your polymer clay on parchment paper for easy lifting and molding.

Now add your embellishments. Use teeny tiny balls of black for the mouth and eyes. Make the smallest ball possible and lightly press it down. Make a thin carrot nose and lightly press it down as well. You will want to make sure your nose is large enough for the button holes. Add earmuffs or hat if you wish!

Now lets create the button holes. Tape together 4 toothpicks like in the picture below. The two toothpicks on the ends will hang down lower. These will create even holes.
Poke through the top, flip over and poke through the same spots on the bottom to ensure you have a hole wide enough for a needle to go through. I made the holes through the nose so you could sew them on with a piece of orange yarn and it would be camouflaged. 

Set on baking sheet and bake in the oven at 275 degrees for about 15 minutes. Let cool and then paint over the top of each button with a gloss glaze.
I can’t wait to see how you use your happy snowman buttons (or magnets, clips, etc!)



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    I like your tutorial. I like how the pic with all the bits, third one down, shows the steps in one pic; if that makes sense.
    I know you have to make a living, but I seldom come to your site because of all the little pop-ups, little ads, both overt and hidden, everywhere. They get in the way and are irritating plus I don't know which ones track after I leave your site so have to clear everything in my browser.

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