DIY Ninja Turtle Socks

If your kids love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles then they will go nuts for these easy DIY Ninja Turtle Socks! I used green socks I found at the Dollar Tree and 3D fabric paint to create masked eyes on the top of the sock as well as puff paint pizzas on the heel of each sock to prevent slipping! This would be a fun TMNT birthday party project for the slightly older crowd!

– Green socks. I found green socks at my Dollar Tree in kid sizes 4-11. You can find them online as well: Kids Ankle Socks
– 3D Fabric Paint/Puff Paint in black, white, and mask colors (purple shown). Pizza colors: light brown, red, and yellow. I found these little bottles of Scribbles POP 3D paint for 49 cents each at my local Michaels Craft Store. They sell them in packs or individual bottles.
– Fine tip marker. I happened to have a  green one but you could use black. You will paint over your lines!
– Paper template. I printed out THIS PICTURE from Google images cut out the mask and traced it onto the sock. See pictures below.
Place a piece of card stock paper inside the sock to create a flat surface and prevent bleeding/sticking.

Start with the black and outline your mask.

Fill in with purple. Ideally you will want to let the black dry for a bit but I was impatient and didn’t have trouble with it bleeding or smearing.

Continue filling in the rest of mask.

Let dry! It will be tacky in about an hour and dry enough to paint the pizzas on the bottom heels in about 3-4 hours.

Give it a full 24 hours for it to completely dry and ready for wear!



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