Fox and Reindeer Crochet Edging


Looking for fun, whimsical crochet edging for your fleece or fabric? What about cute little foxes and reindeer! Originally inspired by fox print fleece fabric I had on hand, I thought if I could come up with a fox border, it would be perfect… but when I posted the test swatch on social media, many of you said it also looked like reindeer! I used spike stitches to make the ears, crocheted triangles for the heads and little noses in either black or red (for rudoloph).

– Worsted weight yarn.
– Fleece fabric is best (I couldn’t resist the print on the cloth you see pictured.. but fleece is best)
Skip Stitch blade (blade #1) and Rotary Cutter. You will want to purchase the ORIGINAL SKIP STITCH BLADE found HERE. I have been told other brands do not work.
– Size G crochet hook. I used a smaller hook for this particular tutorial because of the thin fabric. You will be find with a G or even H hook for fleece fabric.
– Tapestry needle

Spike Stitch tutorial
SC = Single Crochet
HDC = Half Double Crochet
DC = Double Crochet

Use skip stitch blade to cut holds around your fabric. Full tutorial on how to do that HERE.
Once you have holes in the edges of your fabric (about 1/2-1inch away from edge), you can start crocheting.

Start by crocheting a SC + chain 1 along the edge in white.
Make 2 more rounds of SC stitches. Make a SC + chain 1 + SC in the corners.

Now with orange for the foxes make a spike stitch, SC in next two BACK LOOPS, repeat around.

For reindeer, you will want to use brown yarn and make a spike stitch, SC in next two stitches (NOT the back loops), repeat around. The regular SC stitches (not in back loops like the fox) create the little antlers.



In this next round you will make your triangles. Slip stitch in first spike stitch, in next stitch make a SC + HDC + chain 2 + slip stitch in second chain from hook + DC + SC all in same stitch, skip next stitch, slip stitch to join to spike stitch, repeat around.



Attach black (or red yarn) for noses. SC in top loop of triangle, chain 3, SC in next triangle loop, repeat around.



Now attach white yarn, make 4 SC in chain loop spaces, repeat around.

Optional: Make one last row of SC stitches around entire edge… or keep going if you’d like! If you continue rounds of SC stitches you will want to make a SC+chain 1+ SC in the corners.



And there you have it! Cute little fox and reindeer heads around the edge of your blanket :)

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  1. Sammi says

    Huh, I’ve used the Tailor brand wide-skip cutter just fine for like five blankets so far, not sure who told you only one brand works… is it a spacing issue?

  2. says

    This is lovely.. Vet cute.. Just loved it.. Everything you posts are super cool. I have interest to do such things but I don’t know much. Your post really helped me to do. Thank you so much. really very helpful. keep sharing. You have explained it so well that there arise no doubt here . Thanks once again :)

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