Holiday Gift Ideas from UncommonGoods and Yarn Bowl Giveaway!


December is here and holiday shopping is in full swing! If you are struggling to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list, I have the solution:! I have personally been a fan of this privately-owned online retailer for many many years. I love that I can always find the most wonderful unique designs and handcrafted gifts for everyone in my family all in one place. I promise I’m not getting paid to say that! I purchased these cufflinks for my hockey-obsessed husband a few years ago, this Ticket Stub Diary when we first got married, these Wine Pairing Towels ended up being a perfect hostess gift, and this handy-dandy Pick Punch for the guitarist in our family. So you can imagine my excitement when UncommonGoods reached out to me to collaborate! I have picked out a few of my favorite gifts under $50 to show you PLUS the good people at UncommonGoods are allowing me to host a giveaway! One lucky reader will win a beautiful handmade yarn bowl!

UncommonGoods takes the stress out of my holiday shopping. Their websites is organized into several categories to make the shopping experience easy. Search by price, person, interest, and more. So many ideas and truly fun and exclusive items. Gifts under $50 (click here) and gifts under $25 (click here) are my go-to spots! But more than that, this company supports crafters and designers like me and you! Their mission is to provide a platform for artists; in fact, half of what they sell is made by hand and about one-third of their entire collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials. And with every purchase, UncommonGoods donates $1 to their not- for-profit partner organizations. They have donated to over $1,000,000 dollars to charities around the world!

Below are some of my favorite gifts. Even items for the avid crocheter!
Visit UncommonGoods to browse even more ideas and stocking stuffer items.

The Crochet Stitch Encyclopedia immediately caught my eye! Detailed tutorials and clear images make a great reference for beginners and seasoned crocheters. Find it here.


I then spotted Percy the Pencil Porcupine and although it is advertised as a colored pencil holder, we all know what it really needs to be used for: CROCHET HOOKS! Find it here.


This Mug Hoop was a serious hit with my kids! Make a basket with cereal or marshmallows for hot cocoa! My boys are already fighting over who gets to use it. I will have to buy another. Good thing they also come in a soccer, hockey, football, and baseball versions! Click here to view them all.


Hubby scored these super cool Men’s Shark Socks! Fun for those business-casual work days or just hanging around at home :)


And for me, the hard working mommy and full-time blogger, I get to slip on this adorable Felt Fox Sleeping Mask and snuggle up with my crochet christmas blanket. I could already use a nap and it’s only December 3rd!


Now here is something for YOU!
The good people at UncommonGoods have offered to host a GIVEAWAY for one of their fabulous handcrafted yarn bowls! The winner will get to choose which one they want! My two favorites are the Sherman the Sheep Yarn Bowl and the Birdie Yarn Bowl but you can see them all here. Contest is open Worldwide! Enter using the Rafflecopter Widget below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to UncommonGoods for providing product for me to review and for hosting a fabulous yarn bowl giveaway! I was not compensated for this post and all opinions about the products and website are 100% my own.



  1. says

    I love that cute porcupine and that sheep yarn bowl you picked out. And they have some pretty cool things on their site. I love the bike-shaped pizza cutter. Thanks for the gift ideas!

  2. Michelle P says

    I would LOVE a copy of the Stitch Encyclopedia for Crochet, I already added that to my list!! A Shower Squid would be pretty awesome to have, too! :)

  3. Isabelle says

    Woow, just absolutely LOVE the Birdy Yarn Bowl! Would love to win it as well :3
    Might check this website out again for the holiday presents… :)

  4. Laura says

    Thanks for linking to this site. I’ve never been here before but I’m so excited to check up what they have. I love the ooma bowl. I’ve been wanting something like this for so long so I don’t have to carry a chip bowl and a dip bowl. How excellent!

  5. Melinda Manley says

    Wow, never heard of this site!! They have so many neat items, but I really do like all the socks. I love socks! lol

  6. says

    So many cute gift ideas! Thanks for sharing, as I hadn’t heard about them before! Love the idea of the porcupine holder for crochet hooks (or knitting needles).
    I’ve been wanting to get a yarn bowl and they have some super cute ones…and even better is that they share who makes them. :)

  7. Emily Lee says

    That crochet hook porcupine is awesome!! I must have one of those! Thanks for introducing me to a great source of unique gifts. Hope I win the yarn bowl. I know I can use that!

  8. Rita aka crescendogal says

    I totally want the porcupine for a hook holder!!! But they have TONS of really cool stuff for gifts also!!!

  9. Jane Bratton says

    I love the Uncommon Goods site. They always have great gifts you don’t find anywhere else. My current favorite is the porcupine pencil (hook) holder. Perfect!

  10. Alyssa Otter Sheldon says

    I’m such a geek,
    ! I’m loving the gear/art deco toggle light switch plates! But I would love it all!

  11. Mary says

    Thank you for introducing this unusual company… Went shopping for myself…but would love to win a Sherman the sheep yarn bowl.. We seem to have the same taste in quite a few areas. I send everyone I know who crochets to your site. You are soooo easy to understand and follow, I love the way you list the stitch count at the end of each row. It has certainly helped me to improve my crocheting…. Thanks again. Mimito8

  12. Vanessa K says

    Oh my. All of it is so cute. I’m going to have to check out the site for some Chrisrmas gifts. Love the porcupine for holding hooks.

  13. Emily K. says

    Oh my word! You may have just saved me hours of Christmas stress!! And I’d love the sheep yarn bowl for myself. 😉

  14. Denise Sullivan says

    Thank you so much for introducing us to a really could site and for the chance ti win the beautiful bowl! Happy Holidays and I also wanted to tell you that I really love your site and your style.

  15. Rachel King says

    So many awesome things! I would love the perforated baking pans, and just about any of the wooden cutting boards.

    • says

      What's wrong with "Lady"??! I actually loathe the term &qnau;Womot"…I don't know why, I suppose to me it sounds so ancient. Lady sounds sweet…you can always be a lady, no matter what age you are :) And honestly, those that you photograph are LADIES!!! Stylish, sweet, well put together…everything wonderful.Someone will always be upset about something. I think you're doing just fine ^^

  16. Patricia B says

    I love the Birdie Yarn Bowl, that little birdie is so cute! The wishing ball is another great gift. The one that really tipped the scales for me, the crochet hook bracelet!! Thank you for introducing this store to me. Love ya’

  17. Debra Bartz says

    wow are those cool and CUTE!!!!! it will be hard to choose..the blue oasis is very pretty too. I can’t tell you how many times a ball of yarn has wandered clear across the room!! very cleaver idea :)

  18. Janadean Ross says

    So in love with the porcupine. What an amazing way to store hooks. Would also love to get any of the yarn bowls.

  19. says

    Everything on looks awesome! I really want Percy the Pencil Porcupine, and I love the idea of using it to store crochet hooks. It would look so cute in my craft room. I also want the Sewing Station, Sherman the Sheep Yarn Bowl, and the Yarn Tree Kit. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  20. Stacie Leffler says

    Love the yarn bowls and stitch encyclopedia,, thank you for taking the time to do a giveaway during this most busy time of year.

  21. Carly Duvall says

    I LOVE the sheep yarn bowl and almost everything in the 5+ kids gift section! The yarn tree kit and the foreign language blocks are awesome! I want Mandarin (we have two kids adopted from China)!

  22. Elizabeth says

    Have you seen the Popcorn bowl with the sifter for unpopped kernels? That’s awesome for family movie night! :)

  23. Erika says

    Omg! I want so many things for Christmas but I would love the extra large and small Pom Pom makers, the clover hook set and a yarn bowl!

  24. Elizabeth A says

    The porcupine hook holder is adorable! I honestly don’t know what one thing I would like best — they have so many unique items that I’m sure to be a repeat customer!

  25. DeeAnna says

    I’ve resisted the idea of using a yarn bowl because of my two inquisitive kitties. But those I saw on Uncommon Goods are interesting and just might entice me to make the switch. I’d love to win one of those. I also liked the crochet stitch encyclopedia, but their site showed it is sold out already. Boo! Those little measuring spoons shaped like music notes are also adorable, but too pricey for me right now (limited spending to my Christmas list only).

  26. Jessica says

    Uncommon goods has so many unique items that I love, but one of my favorites is their birth month flower pendant! So pretty.

  27. Heather Navarro says

    Oh, my, they have so many wonderful things. I realllllly love the porcupine crochet hook/pencil holder. I also really liked the silver dipped silver necklace!

  28. Michele says

    You had me at the sheepy yarn bowl!! I must have it. There is also a pretty sweet unicorn bowl that needs to come live with me! :)

  29. says

    As a senior I’ve been around for awhile, and the Sheep yarn bowl takes me back to times on the farm in SD listening to the sounds of deep “baaaa” while laying in bed at night so that’s my favorite! I also loved the owl or fox sleep masks since the mask I made and wear is worn out!

  30. Christina says

    Thanks to “Repeat Crafter Me” for the heads up on this site. So many neat items. I would love the opportunity to win either the Oasis Yarn Bowl or the Love Yarn Bowl.

  31. Lauralee says

    I’d never heard of this site before but just checked it out and they have some pretty awesome stuff. Would love a yarn bowl or people feeders (I think they’d be fun at kids birthday parties lol) or a talk dock. Lots and lots now that I’ve started looking lol. Thanks for making me aware of this site

  32. Myha D says

    I love the look of the birdie yarn bowl! It would be awesome to not have a ball of yarn collecting dust on the floor as I knit or crochet :)

  33. Lynne says

    This was my first trip to the Uncommongoods web site…such a treat. Of course, I ended up at the yarn bowl section and loved each and every one but I gravitated to the making waves yarn bowl…such fun!

  34. Tanja says

    Those are adorable. Never heard of this site. Definitely love the ‘Sherman the Sheep’! Don’t mind winning that bowl, or any of them bowls really :)

  35. says

    Ooh a yarn bowl would be a perfect addition to my crafting supplies… I’ve asked Hubby for a set of interchangeable circular needles for Xmas, and a mysterious parcel arrived earlier this week…. Here’s hoping it’s my needles :)

    • says

      I hit enter before leaving my bowl preference. I absolutely love the Blackberry Jam Bowl. It would definitely keep my cat from playing with the ball as I work.

  36. Darlene P. says

    The Crochet Stitch Encyclopedia as I don’t own such a wonderful and useful resource!!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!!!

  37. Melissa says

    Of course I want the yarn bowl and sport bowls! Too cute. However, I went into debt just viewing their site!! $23 coffee straws and a $38 unicorn terrarium… Yeah, I could lose it all. Heheh

  38. Bethany Robinson says

    I love love love th blackberry jam yarn bowl! On a side note, blackberry jam is the only kind of am I put on my toast

    • Richelle says

      Sherman the Sheep is still my favorite, but I think my litle one would like the “sports” themed mugs… Especially the baseball and basketball!

  39. Sonseria says

    I love all the beautiful yarn bowls that uncommon goods has. I had never heard of them before, but they have lots of awesome goodies!

  40. Carol says

    I’d love to have either one…..would be a great improvement over the plastic bag with a hole that I use now!
    I have to choose? I’d like to say surprise me! If I were to win, I’d be happy – and which one wouldn’t matter to me!
    These are so cute – and I can see that they would work!

    Thank you for the opportunity! and wishing you and your family a Blessed and Beautiful Christmas Season!

  41. ANGELA GARCIA says

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful patterns and being so generous always. Happy holidays to you and your family 😀

  42. Amy Monarch says

    Just stumbled onto your blog from Pinterest. First time here, checked out the crockpot recipes and now wandering through your crochet posts.

  43. Mary Ann Atzrott says

    Wow…. I love the colors of the Oasis Yarn Bowl but the Blackberry Jam Yarn Bowl is pretty cool with the top that would keep dog hair out!

  44. Amalia Collinsworth says

    I’d love any of the yarn bowls, though my fave is the wooden “Love Yarn Bowl” or the Coffee Cold Brew would be nice too. So may cool gift ideas!

  45. Joan says

    I love Uncommon Goods, they always have the neatest things! I really want Elwood the Unicorn Cereal Bowl and the Sea Monster and Octopus garden sculptures!!

  46. Irene says

    What a great giveaway! I love, love, love the Sherman bowl. Did not look for other yarn bowls, because this is the only one i want. :-)

    Off course I looked in the webshop of uncommen goods…. WHY did i not knew this site before? I live in the Netherlands and we are celebrating St. Nicolas tonight (5th) with a lot of gifts and hot chocolate milk. It is too late for order these gifts… Now i am looking an excuse to buy toys for my girls (2 and 6) I REALLY hope the oldest will get her swimming diploma verry soon. Because mama want to buy the stop motion clay, or the Penny portret, or string art kit. LOVE IT!

  47. Danni says

    Gah! Everything they have is perfection! I love the rainbow unicorn coffee mug. I am also a huge fan of their options…homemade and recycled…I’m sold!

  48. Hope says

    Thank you for the link! I can’t wait to score a couple of unique goodies for my husband and kiddos. And if I happen to leave a browser window open to the blackberry jam or birdie yarn bowl page… you know, where hubby may stumble upon it… well…

  49. Missy Hearn says

    This. Is. The. Coolest. Site. Ever. I am going to make my entire wishlist from here… And yarn, of course! LOL. How can you pick a favorite? There’s too many neat things! But if forced… I guess the hedgehog pencil holder would be my pick because I love hedgies! (my pet hedgie makes me say that they are awesome or he will poke me 😉 ) And I really like the idea of it holding hooks!

  50. Cindy says

    I love this new website you shared with us! I love the cereal bowl for my kids, but I would love a yarn bowl, one day! Thanks for all your tips and tutorials. :)

  51. E Lopez says

    Do I have to pick just one from that site? There are so many cute things…but the literary scarf and peacock eyeglass holder caught my eye the most.

  52. Carolyn Seiver says

    What a fun and fabulous post. Thanks for all the great gift ideas and chance to win. I’d love a yarn bowl!! Congrats on the collaboration with Uncommon Goods. Way to go,you! Happy Holiday Crocheting!!

  53. Debbie Price says

    I love all of the bowls!! Such a good idea, as my yarn is always escaping and rolling places! Thank you for having this contest. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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