“I heart Yarn” Friendship Bracelet


I think the summer of 1996 was when I was the last time I made a friendship bracelet. It’s been a long time and I’m a little rusty, but I realized that all those C2C graphs we’ve been working on can also be used with embroidery thread and made into bracelets!

CraftProjectIdeas.com has a great selection of Friendship Thread! They provided me with their pack of 36 skeins of Brights & Neon colors for this project. You can purchase directly from the link on their website or find their products in Walmart stores.


I am providing the graph for the “I Heart Yarn” words


and I came across a great video will show you how to make the letters!

I suggest using a clipboard to hold your bracelet as you are working on it.


CraftProjectIdeas.com also has several tutorials on how to make friendship bracelet with different designs.

Check them out HERE!





  1. Alexandria says

    Those bracelets are so cute! Please keep posting C2C projects. The first one I made was your emoji blanket and I love crocheting C2C now!

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