Laundry Change Yarn Fund Jar


All that loose change I find while doing the laundry is now going into one place: my Yarn Fund Jar! This is a quick little project to set up and put to use! I found my supplies at Michaels Craft Store and Home Depot but you can absolutely use any size mason jar and wooden plaque. Just think of how much yarn you can buy when you fill up this jar! It’s like free spending money which will lead to guilt free yarn shopping!

– Wooden Plaque (Mine is 15×12 inches)
– Mason Jar (Mine is 7×4 inches)
– Hose clamp that will fit around the mason jar (Mine was 4 inches)
– Saddle Bracket and screws or nails
– Alphabet stickers


Step 1: Adjust your hose clamp so it fits around the belly of the mason jar, just for measure!

Step 2: Attach your hose clamp to the wooden plaque with saddle bracket. The hose clamp should fit snug in the middle of the saddle bracket. It helps if you have a thicker piece of wood for your screws to go into. Mine was pretty thin and stuck out the backside a bit.

Step 3: Slide mason jar into hose clamp and tighten clamp if needed.

Step 4: Stick the alphabet stickers onto the wooden plaque! Use mod podge or extra glue to hold in place if need.

Step 5: Get creative! I am showing you a basic idea, but feel free to make a crocheted cozy for your jar or paint your wooden plaque (mine came distressed). Even paint on the letters and draw on a yarn ball and crochet hook!

Step 6: I hung mine onto the wall in our laundry room with an OOK hook which similar to the removable command hooks.

Step 7: Start filling up that Yarn Fund Jar!

Step 8: Head to your local yarn store and start shopping with all the money you’ve saved up!




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