Starbucks Summer Essentials and Crochet Coffee Mug Keychains


I’ve been enjoying the last few weeks of summer with a little coffee and crochet at the beach! That’s the benefit to living in Southern California, there is a beach around every corner and I am taking full advantage. Even with my toes in the sand, you won’t find me without my crochet tote and iced coffee :) And Starbucks has all the summer essentials! I love being able to pick up their newest beverages in the grocery stores including Starbucks Refreshers Revitalizing Energy with Coconut Water in two flavors – Black Cherry Limeade & Peach Passion Fruit, Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Coffee Drinks, and everyones favorite Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino drinks!


Starbucks has the trendiest tumblers and I couldn’t resist stocking up on a few new ones :) You gotta check out THIS Pineapple Tumber!

Of course I can’t talk about coffee without giving you a little coordinating craft! These Crochet Coffee Mug Keychains are  so cute and simple to make! A fun little accessory for every coffee lover!


– Worsted Weight Yarn in main mug color, brown, and a strand of black to stitch on the mouth.
– Size G Crochet Hook
– 6mm Safety Eyes (only if you want to add a face)
– Poly-fil fiber stuffing (or scrap yarn to stuff your mug)
– Keychain rings. I purchase mine on Amazon. HERE is my affiliate link!
– Tapestry needle

Magic Ring
SC = Single Crochet
SC Decrease = Single Crochet Decrease

Mug Pattern:
With main mug color
Magic ring, chain 1 and make 10 SC in ring, join to first SC and chain 1
Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1
Round 3-7: SC in each stitch around, join chain 1
Round 8: in front loops only, SC in each stitch around, join, chain 10, slip stitch down chain (this is your handle), fasten off leaving long tail. Secure both ends of handle onto side of mug using a tapestry needle and loose end.
Round 9: with brown yarn and working in the back loops of round 8, SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1
Round 10: SC decrease, SC in next, repeat around, join, chain 1
Add safety eyes, stitch on mouth, and stuff with poly-fil or scrap yarn.
Round 11: SC decrease until closed. You may need to use your tapestry needle to stitch the last of it closed. Leave long tail to stitch on keychain ring.




So why am I talking coffee you ask? In case you missed some of my previous posts, I am part of the Starbucks blogger community! You already know my love of crochet, but my love of coffee is strong too and they make a perfect pair! So a few times a year I will be reviewing a Starbucks beverage and bringing you a coffee related craft project!

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Thank you to Starbucks for providing product for me to review. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions about the coffee and other products are 100% my own!




  1. says

    Lovely coffee mug keychains. Thanks for this pattern.
    May I ask you something about your website/blog? The most recent posts have a different layout than before.
    The text is totaly on the left site of my laptop and the post only fits my screen after changing the scale of showing your blog.
    Also the other posts that are recommended are placed among each other instead of next to each other.
    Have you changed something in the settings of your blog? Or must I change something to see your blog in the normal way?

    Dear greetings, Margaret

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  3. melanie says

    i love these so much! if you ever consider selling, i would definitely buy! i tried to make them on my own but i’m terrible lol. these are so adorable. please consider selling, for me lol!

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