Yarn Scrap Mason Jar Storage


Spiff up your mason jars for a fun and functional yarn scrap storage solution! I added a “yarn ball” handle on the lid by wrapping yarn around a circle knob! An easy and fun project that make your crochet area a little more cheerful!

You will need:
– 1 Mason Jar (any size really)
– Round Cabinet Knobs. I used THESE ONES 
– Hand Drill
– Short Pan Head Screw (typically the ones that come with the knob are too long)
– Hot Glue Gun


You will want to drill a hole (a little smaller than the size of your knob screw into the lid of the mason jar. If you don’t have a drill, a sharp knife will pierce the lid and you can work a hole big enough for the screw to fit through.


I used the smaller screw in the photo. The larger screw (the one that came with the knob) was too long. Attach your knob.


Hot glue the lid to the rim (so the mason jar lid doesn’t separate anymore). And begin to wrap yarn around knob.  A little dab of hot glue here and there will do the trick!



Get extra fancy and hot glue yarn around the lid!

Fill with scraps and enjoy your new little pop of color and yarn scrap storage!




  1. Lynn Marie says

    Love the idea but i use mine for stuffing projects such as when I am making baby toys. Don’t have to wonder what is IN the stuffing product JUST YARN.

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