Friday, January 6, 2012

Finger Puppet Theatre

I've been bookmarking ideas for projects I could do with my surplus of empty wrapping paper rolls and cardboard boxes leftover from the holidays. When I came across this little box theatre from Cakies I knew we would have to create our own. And of course the felt finger puppets needed a stage!

Leave the bottom/back of the box taped shut. Tape (using packing tape) one of the flaps from the top of the box down. Flip the other flap up to use as your marquee.

We painted the box with my sons new Melissa and Doug paint set.

We also painted two wrapping paper rolls and poked a dowl rod through the top of each. The wrapping paper rolls were hot-glued to the front of the box when the paint was dry.

The curtains are made of a cut up t-shirt. Since I don't have a sewing machine, I used hot-glue to glue together the seams.

The top flap of the box (marquee) is painted with two coats of chalkboard paint so we can change the name of each puppet show. The background is taped on so I that can be changed as well. 

Using a box cutter, cut a 2-3 inch tall hole across lower back portion of the box. Just enough space for your hand to fit through but not so big that your audience can see your hand.

Let the show begin!

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