Perfect Pairs (Sock Game)

This morning I posted a picture on my Facebook Page of what my Laundry Room/Craft Room looked like. I referred to it as something you would see on an episode of Hoarders…

Pretty bad, right? (And embarrassing!)

So I made a deal with myself that I wasn’t going to do any more crafting until I got this room cleaned up! I liked organizing my craft space. I even found some supplies I had bought for specific projects that apparently I had forgot about. But then came time to wash and fold the laundry. I got through most of it ok, until the socks. Isn’t that the worst part of the laundry? You can never find a match. Then I remembered something my son has been watching on Sesame Street.

Bert plays a computer game called “Perfect Pairs” which involves matching of socks.

So I decided to create our own real life “Perfect Pairs” game!

I strung yarn from one door knob to another and used clothespins to pin up socks to our makeshift clothesline. The other socks we laid out on the floor. I asked my son to find socks from the floor that matched the socks hanging on the clothesline. And guided him by asking if he could first match the blue socks, then red socks, long socks, striped socks, small socks, ski socks, etc. So there you have it, I tricked my son into folding laundry :) Am I evil?

Are you curious to see what the laundry room/craft room looks like now? Drum roll please…..




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