Water Balloon Painting

We have a large pack of water balloons that I stash in a drawer by the back door. Every so often when we are playing in the backyard on a sunny day I grab a handful of balloons and fill them up for the boys. We haven’t had any real water fights, but it sure is fun to smash those balloons against the pavement! Then an idea popped in my head, what if we filled the balloons with something other than water…something like paint!? I thought this could be a good fun lesson in colors and what happens when you mix colors.

I filled up Red (ok they were pinkish), Yellow, Green and Blue water balloons with a couple drops of food coloring. Then I filled them with a small amount of water. Our water balloons came with a handy filler nozzle. Something like THIS.

I laid a large piece of paper on the pavement and then poked a small hole in the bottom of the balloon with a needle. 

Now we began to paint! Each time a new color splashed the paper, the colors would mix and create more colors. Before we knew it, we had a rainbow!

Red and yellow make orange!
The advantage of using watered down food coloring instead of actual paint, was that we didn’t make mess of the pavement. No clean up here!



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