No-Sew Felt Princess Peach Crown

We are getting ready for Halloween and I think this might be the last year I can dress my kids up in coordinating costumes. Big brother is already getting fussy about what I picked out for him (even though he loves Mario Kart) so I ended up getting him two costumes – one that I picked out and one that he picked out. Here are the costumes I picked out for my 3 babes: Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach! Eeek! They are just too cute!

I purchased all three of the costumes, except for the Princess Peach crown. This is a very easy DIY crown that you can use for any princess costume, for dress up, or for a princess party.
– Crown Template
– Yellow Felt
– Red and turquoise buttons or craft jewels. I found mine at
– Elastic band
– Hot glue gun
First you will need to print out the crown template.
Then cut out two crown pieces from a piece of yellow felt.
Measure the circumference of the child’s head and cut elastic to be about an inch shorter. Glue the triangle parts of the crown together first, leaving the bottom un-glued. Take one end of the elastic and generously glue the end of it to the inside middle of the crown.
Then you will want to generously glue the other end of the elastic to the middle of the crown. Make sure you only glue down the ends of the elastic because you want the rest of it to stretch. You will then want to glue the bottom edges of the crown together (again, try to avoid getting any glue on the elastic band).
Glue your buttons/jewels on the crown and you are done!

Here is my little princess wearing her crown!
She’s starting to get a little sleepy :)
I purchased the Mario and Luigi costumes from Party City. The Princess Peach outfit is actually a Princess Aurora costume from the Disney store. I added a turquoise jewel to the front of the dress. Happy Halloween!


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