Heart Rock Art

Remember how I mentioned my boys have been collecting rocks in the backyard? Well, my oldest found this perfect heart shaped rock! And then we lost it…but then we found it again! I had to do something special with it. My husband I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary this past weekend and I thought that framing the heart rock with our wedding date would be a nice way to honor the day. This is a simple idea that you could use a variety of materials for. For instance, you could make a yarn heart or a fabric heart. And use paint or number stickers for the date and maybe even a piece of stained or distressed wood instead of a shadow box. If I can find more heart rocks I will make 3 more – one for each day my kids were born. I think they will be perfect on a gallery wall with other framed photos of our family!

– Heart rock. If you can find any rocks shaped like hearts (they don’t have to be perfect) you can buy them HERE on Ebay.
– Shadow Box Frame. Mine is 6×6 inches.
– Wooden buttons. Here are the ones I bought —> 100pcs Mixed Wooden Buttons in Bulk Buttons for Crafts.
– Burlap or a piece of fabric to cover the back of your frame/shadow box.
– Glue gun

Cut burlap or fabric to cover the back piece of your shadow box.
Glue burlap/fabric on with glue gun. Arrange rock and numbers and glue them on as well. I used the pins that came with the shadow box to separate the numbers in our wedding date.
And that is all there is to it! I think these would make beautiful gift for a wedding or other special occasion. Would love to see if you make your own version with different materials!



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