Football Team Wreath

The preseason has already started and we are anxiously awaiting for the first Seahawks football game! No matter what team you root for, you can make this Football Team Wreath in no time at all and show your neighbors your team pride! Most of the craft stores carry local team fabric prints. I live in Oregon and there was an abundance of Seahawks, Ducks, and Beavers fabrics available at JoAnn’s.

– 12 inch styrofoam wreath
– Fabric in team colors and prints. I purchase a yard of each color but you need much less. Try and find a remnant and save money!
– Football Wood Cutout (found at JoAnn’s or you can purchase through Amazon link below)
-ArtMinds Varsity Wood Letter Pack (found at Michaels). Letters are about 1-2 inches in height/width.
– Glue gun

Cut a long strip of your print fabric (about 5″ wide) and then small stripes of your coordinating colors. Small strips should be about 1″ wide by 15″ long.
Wrap fabric around wreath. Glue or tape the starting edge and ending edge down.
Now you will take your small strips and tie them onto the remaining space on the wreath. Alternate the colors and push them close together. Trim ends that seem too long but let it have a “shaggy” look.

Take your wood letters (it helps to have the varsity style letter because the flat edges fit together) and hot glue sides/edges together. 

Paint or spray paint the letters in a matching team color or you could leave them plain or paint white.
Use a white chalk marker to write a number or message on the wood football or you could leave it blank. Hot blue the wood football and letters directly onto wreath. I braided 3 strips of fabric to make a handle to hang it from. I heavily glued the braid to the back of the wreath and it has held up well.

Now we are ready for our team to win another Super Bowl! 



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    This is too cute! There are some women in my quilt guild that have made 12th man quilts out of the same fabric for the special fans in their lives. I live in Seattle, and they also have U of O fabric at the craft store, maybe we overlap in fans a lot? There's also Husky and WSU fabric too.

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