Pete the Cat Party Favor: Rocking in my School Shoes Keychains and Printable

My oldest son tuned 6 yesterday and since his school doesn’t allow food/sweets to be brought in for birthdays, we got creative! Pete the Cat books are big hit in his Kindergarten class and so are backpack keychains… luckily I found the cutest chuck sneaker keychains on Amazon which complimented the book perfectly! They come in a pack of 12 and each pack costs about $12. At just about $1 each these make a great birthday party favor! I made a printable that says “Thanks for KICKIN’ IT with me on my birthday” that I attached to each one. They were a huge hit with the kids, parents, and the teachers! My son read the book to the class and passed out the keychains to all of his friends. These little shoes are great for kids who are learning to tie their shoes as well. I can also see them being a great favor for a soccer or karate/ninja themed birthday!

Below are the links to where you can purchase the book and keychains as well as the printable!

Cut into strips and fold over key ring. Glue the folded paper strip together.

I purchased from the first two links but I’m including other buying options and ideas :) Make sure you read the details of how many come in a pack before buying! Some of the links only sell 1 or 2 items at a time – not in bulk. (affiliate) Find Karate Kid Kick Keychains HERE.





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    Your son is so darling. I love the key chain shoe idea and the sentiment you created. Maybe desordecestmoi means you misspelled crockpot.

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