Illustrated Family Portrait by Inklane Design (and Giveaway!)

I recently stumbled upon an extremely talented artist name Elaine who creates fabulous custom illustrated family portraits and sells them in her Etsy Shop, Inklane Design! I immediately ordered one in celebration of our 7th wedding anniversary (April 12th) and was so thrilled with how it turned out, I had to share it with all of you! I sent Elaine a recent photo of our family and she digitally drew us, customizing the clothes and features to fit our style. I am still working on decorating our new house and hanging this piece of artwork really made the house feel like our home. If you browse the Inklane Design Etsy shop you will see she also creates custom portraits for weddings, military families, and even portraits of your pets! The perfect gift and keepsake!

You automatically get a digital file with your purchase but I wanted a professional print as well :) The quality is top notch and I put it in a 16×20 matted frame. It’s hard to tell in the pictures below but it is printed on a cotton paper that has a beautiful texture and grain to it. The background has that vintage tan tone to it, not stark white!

I found it in my blogging budget to offer you a great GIVEAWAY! I will treat one of you to your own custom family portrait* drawn by Inklane Design! This is a $65 value!
*up to 5 people/pets. Digital file only. Prints can be purchased separately from Inklane Design.

Be sure to check out all the other fun designs in the Inklane Design Etsy shop
Lots of beautiful quotes and custom prints available for purchase!



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    Wow, gorgeous portrait of your family. I would love to win this giveaway for the wedding of my son and his gorgeous girlfriend in june. He and his sweet girl fell in love far away from us in the USA. We are living in the Netherlands and he is going to stay in the USA so she can be close to her family.
    Hopefully luck is with me. Thanks for organizing this great GiveAway.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

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    Wow, she does amazing work!! I see there's a limit of 5 people, and we're 6…if I won, would I be able to pay the difference for adding the 6th person?

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