Pixel Crochet Squares

If you’ve been following me on social media, you may have noticed my newest obsession with pixel crochet. I haven’t actually made a pixel blanket of my own but I was inspired to start one, err, two of them last week! Basically a pixel crochet blanket is made up of a series of granny squares where each square represents one pixel of the picture. When joined together, the squares (pixels) make a large image as in the blanket below.

The blankets I am working on are made up of over 500 squares so while I’m working to get the finished piece complete, I thought I would show you how to make a quick and easy pixel crochet square. Each one of my squares is much smaller than a standard 6×6 granny squares. These pixel squares are approximately 2.5 x 2.5 and work perfectly for pixel graphs that have over 100 squares. Where do you find pixel crochet graphs? Let me tell you! I found that perler bead and cross stitch patterns both make great graphs for pixel crochet blankets!! THIS website has a plethora of character, holiday, food, and animal graphs if you need a place to start.

Now lets get to the pattern!

– Worsted weight yarn
– Size H Crochet Hook
– Tapestry needle

Magic Ring Tutorial
Ch = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet

Pixel Crochet Square Pattern:
Magic Ring, chain 3 and make 2 DC in ring, chain 1, 3 DC, chain 1, 3 DC, chain 1, 3 DC, chain 1 and join to the top of the chain 3, chain 2
Round 2: DC in same stitch as your chain 2, DC in next 2 stitches, DC + chain 2 + DC in the chain corner, DC in the next 3 stitches, DC + chain 2 + DC in the next chain corner, DC in the next 3 stitches, DC + chain 2 + DC in the next chain corner, DC in the next 3 stitches, DC + chain 2 + DC in the last chain corner, chain one and join to the first DC (not to the chain 2!), chain 1
Round 3: SC in first 4 stitches, SC + chain 1 + SC in corner chain, SC in next 5 stitches, SC + chain 1+ SC in corner chain, SC in next 5 stitches, SC + chain 1 + SC in corner chain, SC in next 5 stitches, SC + chain 1 + SC in last chain corner, do not join! Fasten off and follow directions below to make an invisible join!

How to make an invisible join:

This is what your piece should look like after you complete the pattern above.
 Weave your tapestry needle under the first SC made in round 3 and pull yarn through.

Place tapestry needle through the back loop of your last stitch made in round 3 and pull yarn through.
Now you are ready to weave in your loose ends! 
As you can see you have seamlessly created the last crochet stitch in your row.

You should have 7 stitches on each side of your square (not counting the corner chains). It will be important to have a consistent number of stitches on all 4 sides when joining your squares to make your blanket.

Stay tuned for more details on the pixel blankets I am making! 
*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***
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  1. says

    Nice! I love these squares much better than another pattern I'd seen a few days ago. There's also a free perler iPad app I use that will let you design your own pattern and give you a count of how many squares of each color you'll need when done. Very convenient.

  2. says

    These are awesome! I think I may be doing something wrong, though. When I do round 2 and it says "dc in the next 4 stitches", I only have 3 stitches to dc into. Help! Ugh!

    • says

      Wow I am so embarrassed! I've made over 50 of these and yet I still mistyped the pattern :( You are correct! only 3 DC stitches, not 4. I've updated the pattern. I am still hoping to make a video tutorial as well! Thanks for catching this!

      • Newbie! says

        I LOVE this pixel project! I was just wondering if you did end up making a video tutorial. I’m a brand new crochet-er, and wanted to tackle this project (as I thought mini squares might be easy to do!) and I can’t quite get my squares looking the same as yours! I think perhaps I’m joining in the wrong spots, and a video tutorial would help immensely! Thanks :)

    • says

      Thanks so much!! I love reading about all of your projects and have done several of them myself! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  3. says

    These pixel squares are great! They'll be great for on the go crocheting too. The pixel site you recommended was fascinating…I had to make myself get off! Really looking forward to you reveal on what you are making with these!

  4. says

    I loved your suggestions for finding patterns! I am starting one based off of a colorwork knitting pattern! Will you be adding information on you join them?

  5. says

    Oh, wow! I have never heard of this, but would love to try it. Do you have any tips for figuring out how much yarn is needed for a project?

  6. says

    Awesome idea! Are you joining as you go or are you going to make all the squares first and then join them? And then what joining technique are you going to use?

  7. says

    Help! Can someone help me figure out how to make the hello kitty blanket in this post! My two and a half year old would be so excited! I can follow a pattern but I'm hopeless making my own!

  8. says

    Hi! this look so fun to do!
    I was thinking of starting by doing a big square pillow with a pixel pattern. My question is: is there a way to enlarge the pixel square to make the back of the pillow from a single, big square?

  9. KS says

    I am wondering if you would like to make an video tutorial on this pattern because I have some problem reading the pattern.. Slightly embarrassed about it but tho…

  10. Sarah says

    Is there a video tutorial for this? I’m confused on round 3 as to where to put the first SC, would it be in the same stitch as the chain 2? I only have 3 stitches to stitch into then the chain. Please let me know if there is a video tutorial

  11. Helen Squire says

    I just wanted to thank you so much for your inspiration. I came across this page quite by chance and have since completed my own pixel blanket. I am so pleased with and cannot wait to give it to my daughter for her birthday in December.
    Not sure if I can upload a photo on here but will on Facebook. I dare not do it until after her birthday in case she sees it and spoils the surprise.
    So thank you so very much
    From one delighted crocheter!

  12. Denise says

    Hello on the hello kitty pixel blanket after you did all the squares,how did you attach them . this looks much easier for me to do them c2c thanks Denise

  13. Ariana White says

    I’m trying to make these and I’ve never done any kind of square before with crochet (only rows) and I’m having a bit of trouble. Are you supposed to turn and go in the other direction after every round? Did you ever make a video showing how to make these?


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