Crock Pot Play Dough

Oh how I love the Crock Pot. Did you know you can use it to make things other than food? Like, Play Dough! This was our fun little project for the day. Something about making and playing with your own play dough is much more fun than just scooping it out of a plastic can from the store.

Here is the recipe I used from

– 2 cups flour (or you can use rice flour to make it gluten free)

– 1 cup corn starch
– 1 cup salt
– 1/4 cup cream of tartar
– 2 cups hot water
– 2 t cooking oil

1. Plug in your crockpot and turn to low to warm up slowly.
2. Dump in your dry ingredients, stirring to evenly distribute.
3. Add the water and oil. Close the lid and switch the heat to high.

4. Set a timer and check your play dough every 30 minutes, stirring well each time. Mine was done after a half hour! But others could take up to 2. I think it was because I used a larger Crock Pot.

You will know it’s done or close to done when the playdough begins to form a ball when you stir it.

5. When that happens, remove the stoneware insert from your crock pot and stir some more. Dump it out onto a smooth surface and begin to knead—-be careful—- it’s going to be hot. If your dough is overly sticky, add a bit of cornstarch; if overly dry, add a touch more hot water. Each time you make the dough, the water required will be a bit different, depending on the humidity in the air.

6. Separate the dough into manageable lumps and push a hole into the center for a few drops of food coloring. 

Squish the dough around to distribute the desired color. 

I made a snowman in honor of our “Snow Day.” We didn’t end up getting any snow but preschool was still 2 hours delayed (my son only goes half day).

My son made this: 

He said it was a volcano :o) And it’s the best volcano I’ve ever seen!

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I had never thought of making playdough in the crock pot! Thanks for sharing this recipe! It could definitely come in handy. Stopping by from TGIF.


I never even thought about using my crockpot – thanks for the info; I'm making some right now!

Stopping by from Fun Stuff Fridays and Show-and-Share Saturdays!

This play dough calls for ingredients found in your pantry, but not in amounts you would serve to your child. If a little is ingested, no worries (little brother tasted a little when I turned my head!). But if large amounts are consumed, I would be worried about the salt content. It doesn't taste good so I'm sure your toddler would spit it right back out :o)

I have never made playdough before (great idea!)…does the dough stain things because of the food coloring in it? I know regular playdough doesn't, but I was just thinking about the time I made cupcakes with "grass" on them and how the green food coloring stained my fingers (and teeth, and pretty much anything else it came in contact with!) so badly!

I did get some food coloring on my hands but it washed off by the end of the day and the play dough hasn't stained anything it has touched. Make the play dough into a ball and poke a hole in the middle with your finger. Put about 2-3 drops of food coloring in the hole and then start kneading the ball around. This will limit the amount of food coloring that gets on your hands. Once the food coloring is worked into the dough it isn't a problem. Thanks for the comment!!

I love your crochet patterns and I browsed through your crockpot recipes. Since you have small children I thought you might be interested in "Peanut Butter PlayDoh. There are a few different variations but all are completely edible. Some have honey and others use Karo syrup. My kids loved it when they were younger. Just do a Google search for "Peanut Butter PlayDoh" and Have Fun!