Double-Sided Craft Stick Puzzles

If you are a fellow crafter you have probably seen Craft Stick Puzzles pop up on Pinterest and other crafty blogs. I really liked the way Play Create Explore made hers and quickly decided that I was going to have to make a few of our own! Then I thought, what if I made them double-sided? And what if I made the images correspond?! So I picked out a few different images that are opposites. I tried to keep it simple for my 2-year-old. Sun/Moon = Day/Night, Elephant/Mouse = Big/Small, Fire/Ice = Hot/Cold.

First, I printed out the images on computer paper and cut them out. Using scotch tape, I taped together the back of the craft sticks to keep them from sliding around while I was glueing.

Second, using Mod Podge, I glued the images to the craft sticks then generously applied the Mod Podge over the images. When dry (about an hour) I removed the scotch tape and used a box cutter knife to cut in between the craft sticks. Its easier if you do this from the back of the puzzle.

Repeat process for the backside.

When everything was dry, I numbered the sticks. Be sure to use a different color pen for the front and back numbers.

Front of Puzzles:
Back of Puzzles:
I am not exaggerating when I say we played with these ALL morning. 
And then he wanted to play with them again in the afternoon. Each time we talked about how the image on one side (for example the fire) was hot and the ice on the other side was cold. I think its safe to say these were a BIG hit :o)


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    Thank you for sharing on fun frugal friday. I can't wait to do this with my little girl. I love that you made the puzzles double sided with opposites. I just pinned this post. You have some great ideas I would love it if you stopped by friday and shared some more. : )

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      Thank You! I love how some of the simplest projects are the ones that the kids love best. My son definitely liked this one. I would love to share more of my posts, thank you for the invite!

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