Monday, January 16, 2012

Fruit Creations

Wish you could get your kids to eat healthier snacks? Try making them into into fun shapes! I am a new follower of Bent On Better Lunches blog and I just love all of her creative lunch ideas. I use a Laptop Lunch box for my sons preschool lunches and I am in serious need of new meal ideas. I wonder what his teachers thought of me when they opened his lunch on Friday and saw another cream cheese sandwich and granola bar. Oy.

When I saw BOBL post a picture of her grape and apple cars, I jumped on the bandwagon and made some today as an afternoon snack! So simple and so fun. Cut the apples into slices, cut 2 grapes in half for the wheels, and use a toothpick to put together.

This was a hit with my big guy.

Then I got to thinking about other fun fruit creations and made Strawberry Mice!

Cut a small slice from the bottom of the strawberry so they sit level. The ears are white chocolate chips, the nose is a chocolate chip and used a toothpick for the tail (and for easy grabbing!). Along with a mini babybel cheese, these cute little critters won't last long.

I couldn't leave baby brother out of all this snacking fun so I cut out banana moons to go along with his Gerber Graduates Star Puffs

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