Choo-Choo Train Massage T-shirt

Yesterday I posted about what I got for my husband for Valentine’s Day. Today I am showing you what the boys got him: A Choo-Choo Train Massage T-shirt!
This shirt is sure to be a hit in any household because the kids get to play and Daddy gets a massage at the same time! I originally saw this idea over at The Blue Basket for a Car Shirt and loved her tutorial and suggestions. She even has a pre-made template if you don’t want to draw your own. But since my boys really love their trains (big brother has even been sleeping with his trains) I thought I would turn the road into a train track. 
First I sketched out the track design with a black sharpie pen on a piece of 20×17 piece of paper (I stole the paper from my sons art easel pad). I put it between the t-shirt so I could use it as a template. Using fabric markers, I started tracing and coloring. Big brother helped me choose the colors.
The fabric markers worked great and I was able to finish drawing everything in about 45 minutes. And it dried quickly!
Daddy enjoyed it so much he almost fell asleep…until the boys started fighting over the same train 😐 At least it was peaceful up until that point :) 
This would be a fun DIY project any day of the year, or a great gift. Consider personalizing it with specific home town landmarks. I am sure all of you will get creative and make some awesome massage t-shirts of your own!


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    What a fantastic idea, my little boy would love this and so would my hubby-to-be. Must make one for Father's day. Have shared on Pinterest. :)

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