Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crocheted Football Helmets

With Superbowl XLVI on Sunday, it's all about football this week! I decided to try a new (and FREE!) pattern I found over at Breezybot for crocheted football helmets. It's a very simple pattern to follow, but there were a lot of loose ends to weave in which was time consuming. But how cute would these be for babies first football game!? Oh, and sorry to all those Patriot and Giants fans, I only like to crochet in my teams colors. The Seattle Seahawks and Washington Huskies :o)

I also had to share this pic of my son in his football beanie again :o)

I hope everyone is still holding tight while I work on getting my Etsy shop open. I am working on hats to sell and a lot of the crochet I post will be for sale as well. Im aiming for the end of March!


  1. Do you have a pattern for the football hat or do you only sell the final product? I'm new to crocheting and that looks like a hat I would be interested in making.

  2. My sister was just telling me about these football helmets and I'm going to start on a Seahawks one right now as we watch the game!

  3. I would like a few of the patterns but when I tried to print the owl hat pattern it would not let me. Can you please help me with this as I would like to make them for my grandsons. Thank you Donna

      you just had to click on the link in purple above and it sent you to the link above hope this helped :)

  4. Just wondering if you have a pattern for the football beanie or if you have a link as to where to get the pattern. I wanted to make one for my little guy. Thanks!!

  5. I was gonna open an Etsy shop selling those football helmets, but it turns out you have to buy the pattern and the rights to sell them with her permission with other law stuff.

  6. Sarah, did you follow the pattern exactly? I tried one but it came out very small. I was wondering if maybe I should go up a hook size or two.

  7. I've almost finished the helmet but can't figure out how you got the stripe to lie flat. The lady who wrote the pattern has a small ridge on top, but I'd love to get it a bit larger and flat. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for the lovely patterns!