Vegetable Garden Rock Signs

We had gorgeous weather here in Portland, OR this past weekend, making it the perfect time to get out in the garden and plant our vegetables! Big brother and Daddy worked hard weeding, sowing, digging, planting, and watering all of the plants and seeds. It is going to be so rewarding to watch them grow over time and then be able to harvest our own vegetables. We planted a few different types of tomatoes, sweet peas, yellow squash, zucchini, and carrots. We also have pumpkins that we haven’t planted yet as well as sunflowers, zinnia, sweet basil and rosemary in pots in the house.

So while the boys were busy getting dirty, I was painting rocks… rocks to be used as garden signs! I used non-toxic acrylic to paint the rocks to look like each vegetable. 
I had a set of alphabet stamps that have been lingering in my junk drawer. I bought them from the Target dollar section at least a year ago and now I finally had a use for them! They were perfect to stamp on the vegetable names. 
I still need to make a couple more and then I may coat them with a clear finish, but they already look great in the garden!




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    These are so nice and just in time for planting the garden. The carrot one is so cute. Take care and hope you get lots of nice vegetables. Linda

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    How fun!! We have started some plants indoors but it is too early for us to plant outside. I love your markers! Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!

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    What a great idea, these are so cute. Iv been thinking about making my own veggie markers as well as the plastic markers you get with the plants seem to blow away and never to be found again!

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    This is so cute. Not only will it look cute in the garden, but my kids would love making them! Thanks for sharing over at The Winthrop Chronicles.

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    Hello! I'm contacting you on behalf of Feeding the Future, an Australian food security guild. I would like to use your photos in a resource kit for kids, encouraging them to spend more time in the garden.

    If we credit your website, would this be okay with you? This is such a great activity!

    You can see more information on our Facebook page:


    Kerrin Grosvenor

  6. Amity says

    Hi I’m curious how the acrylic paint has held up several years later? I’m thinking about doing something similar for a school garden.

    Thank you!

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