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Remember my 50 Reasons Why I Love You Candy Jar? Well, while I was shopping for a canister for that project, I came across an olive jar. The two ideas meshed together and I have had the idea of creating an “Olive You” version of the candy jar ever since. 

At first I thought about using real olives with just an “olive you” card. But recently I entered One Crafty Contest and for the first round, we were asked to make a project using beads. I immediately thought about painting oval beads to look like olives. Then I came across a tutorial on how to crochet around a bead. Are you following my thought process so far? Ok good, because this where everything comes together. I crocheted around the bead with green yarn and then wrote a reason why “olive you” note on red paper. Rolled it up and stuck it in the top of the bead to complete the look of the olive!

I was fortunate to find the PERFECT wood beads for this project at Michaels. They are Bead Gallery Natural Wood 25x18mm Oval Beads (approx. 1″ beads).

Here is the pattern for crocheting around the bead:

Crocheting around Oval Wood Beads

Size F5/3.75MM Crochet Hook
Vanna’s Choice Yarn
Bead Gallery Natural Wood 25x18mm Oval Bead

Magic Ring
Chain 1, 8 SC in magic ring, pull tight.
(you will be working in rounds)
Row1: *Sc, 2 SC in next, *around (12 sc)
Row 2-4: SC around (12 sc) (be sure to weave the tail in at some point)
Row5: *SC decrease, SC, (3x) (6)
At this point stick your bead in.
Row 6: SC decrease until you have closed the hole, or if you want to leave the top open, SC approx 2-3 more times, weave in ends.

I didn’t actually buy the olive jar I mentioned above, but I thought a martini glass would be just as cute. With Father’s day around the corner this would be a great gift for any dad or to tell your husband how much you love him for a being a great father. I also thought this would be a cute centerpiece at a cocktail party!



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    Can I just say, this was my favorite bead project. I was shocked to see you needed to be saved. I thought for sure you would be in the top 5. I can only assume with the confusion over the vote button, your votes went to someone else. I think your olives were creative and unique. You got my vote. I can't wait to see what you do next round!

    amy @ whilewearingheels.blogspot.com

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      Thanks Amy! I thought it was going to be more popular too. I will blame it on the vote button as well :o) But then again, all the projects were really amazing. Thanks for the vote! -Sarah

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    These are just too cute! I love crocheting and thanks for the pattern so I can make them:) Just visiting from It's just called Spicy and am loving following you. Also I wish to invite you to TWO parties this week. I will be co-hosting at Katherine’s Corner Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop tomorrow and I will also be hosting my own Freedom Fridays Blog Hop on Friday. So hoping to have you visit both days and share any of your awesome posts:)

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    SO SO SO CUTE!!!! I love these.. I wish I could crochet!!! I'm going to Pin them though for my sister in law to see she loves to crochet.. they are sooo cute!!!! I just adore them!


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