Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stenciled Adirondack Chair and Pillow

About a year ago, I found two child-size teak adirondack chairs a yard sale for $5! We already have teak outdoor furniture so these went well with our existing set and they were perfect for our two boys. The only problem was that they were in need of a little TLC. I knew I wanted to monogram them with my boys initials, but it wasn't until the Stencil Round of One Crafty Contest that I got the idea to stencil the chairs! So far, I have only completed one chair, because the second chair has a broken leg and needs more repairs than I can personally fix (need to get my hubby to help me with that one!).

This is how the chair started out. So I decided to sand it down and give it a fresh look. Then I chose where I wanted the monogrammed letter to go. I used the punch out of Martha Stewarts letter stencils and temporarily glued it on with Scotch removable adhesive spray.

Using Cutting Edge Stencils Wall Art Stars, stencil brushes, and exterior acrylic paint, I began stenciling layered stars around the letter. Cutting Edge Stencils are so easy to work with and wipe of clean when done. I started with the biggest star and then worked my way in. You need to use very little paint and just dab it on with your stencil brush. 

When the red paint was dry, the "M" stencil pealed right off!

Now I felt like this little chair need a mini matching pillow....a patriotic pillow!  I found weather resistant fabric in red and blue as well as a heavy weight, UV and weather resistant thread for sewing. Only problem was that I don't own a sewing machine (can you believe that?!). That needs to change soon! So I sewed this pillow together by hand. 

First, I cut the fabric to approx. 7x12 inches. Then I stenciled each side with the same Cutting Edge Stars, but this time mixed my acrylic paint with Martha Stewarts Fabric Medium. The paint takes longer to dry on the fabric so you have to be a little patient. Also, be sure you tape down the fabric and the stencils securely. You don't want the fabric to move while you are stenciling.

When the paint is completely dry, sew the stenciled side of the fabric together (leaving a small unseen hole) and then flip inside out. Stuff and whipstitch the small hole together.

Just for fun, I made one side, red and the other side blue.

And there you have it! A perfectly patriotic chair and pillow, ready for a night of 4th of July fireworks!


  1. HI Sarah,

    I love Adirondack and yours came out so cute...thank you for showing how you did it.

  2. This is such an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up a chair! It turned out soo cute!! I want to do something similar to our girls rocking chairs. Someday I will get it done! :)

  3. I wonder if the same thing could be done on my plastic Adirondack chairs. Adding a fun beach stencil design to them would sure be cute out by the lake. Thanks for the great idea!