Pennant Banner Thank You Card

I am really having some fun with my new Sharp Crochet Hook! Here I used it to crochet though paper. Seriously, what CAN’T you do with this hook?! 
I had a couple thank you notes I needed to write and thought it would be a nice touch to hand make my own thank you cards. 
First I cut scrap book paper into small pennant triangles. You will want to use a slightly thicker stock paper so you can crochet through it without it tearing. 
Using size 3 crochet thread and my Sharp Crochet Hook, I made three single crochets in each pennant. Be sure to chain 3 between each one.
I stamped each pennant with a these adorable alphabet stamps I got from Mindy Mae’s Market. Just $10  for this whole set and it includes shipping! 
Use a little dab of hot glue on each flag and a little to hold down the string ends. I love how the crochet gives the card dimension. Now you are ready to write your note and mail it!
You can purchase the Sharp Crochet Hook at On their website you will also find lots of great tutorials and patterns for crocheting edging and borders.


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    Great idea! I'm beginning to see there are so many things that can be done with a sharp hook. I guess it's time to get one for myself. Thanks!

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