Anniversary Chocolate Bar Wrapper Printable

My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary last week! I wanted to give them a really expensive extravagant gift to show them how much we love and admire them, but money is tight these days. So until we become multi millionaires and can buy my parents something they really deserve like a mini vacation, golf club membership or spa getaway, I decided on a “sweet” little treat.

These printable candy wrappers fit a regular size Hershey chocolate bar. You can print both wrappers or just use “Love is Sweet” for any occasion (I think this would be great for Valentine’s Day!) Just print them on regular printer paper, cut them out, and tape closed around a Hershey’s candy bar.
You can download the “Love is Sweet” printable HERE
You can download the “35 Years of Marriage is Sweeter” printable HERE
If you are interested in a customized version (i.e. 10th, 25th, 30th Anniversary) I would be happy to make you one. E-mail me at for pricing.


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