Rice Cake Owl Snack

Hoo Hoo wants a snack?

I am always inspired and impressed with Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons food creations that I decided to try my hand at a fun snack. And you guys know how much I love owls, so I made Rice Cake Owls with these simple ingredients.

– Rice Cakes
– Peanut Butter or Nutella (or try using alternative nut butters for those with allergies)
– 2 Ritz Crackers
– 2 Yogurt Covered Raisins (or regular raisins would work too)

Spread your peanut butter (nut butter, Nutella, etc) onto the rice cake to look like wings and also on top of the Ritz Crackers. Place the Ritz Crackers on top (they will stick to the top of the “wings”). Add Raisins for eyes and there you have it!



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    What a great snack for kids or adults. I love how you created the owls using the crackers for eyes. Jill from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons is a huge inspiration and I'm sure she would be impressed with your creation.

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    I saw your owl over at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons and just had to see how you made them. Jill is a huge inspiration and you have done her proud. Your owls are so adorable and would make a great snack for kids or adults.

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      Thanks Beth! I am huge fan of your blog too! I am so amazed and inspired by all your food creations. Now that my oldest is back in preschool, I am going to try to make a cute lunch for him at least one day a week :)

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