Crochet Santa Hat and Diaper Cover

Even though this isn’t my own pattern, I just had to share this adorable crochet Santa hat and matching diaper cover I made as a custom order this week!
I think the key to this cuteness is having the right yarn. I used Vanna’s Choice in Scarlet and Bernat Pipsqueak in Whitey White 
The Bernat yarn is absolutely PERFECT for the white parts and I love how it is ultra soft. It would make a great gift and a cozy hat for little Christmas baby.
I followed the Crochet Santa Hat Pattern from Girl In Air. She provides a pattern for newborn – adult sizes! The only thing you have to figure out is how long to make the hat since she doesn’t provide a total number of rounds. For the newborn hat (pictured), I made approx 40 rounds in red and 5 rounds in white. You want to make sure you leave a long part on the top so it flops over when being worn.
The Free Diaper Cover Pattern is from Crochet A Flowers. I followed the directions exactly, using red for the diaper cover and the white Bernat yarn around the edges. Finishing it with a black button in the middle.
It’s not too early to start crocheting for the holidays! This would make a great gift for all ages!


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    Oh my goodness. This is SO cute!! Love all of your crocheted gift ideas. I am planning on making the owl hats you recently posted for a friend's baby on the way in March. Cant stop looking at all your photos here on your blog though. Lol

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    Hi, Sarah…
    Do you think I could use the Bernat for the whole cover? I was thinking that would be darling for your upcoming bunny set, but not sure if it would be "substantial" enough.
    Thanks so much, and love all your work!

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    I made 3 of these diaper covers to match with owl hats…loved the pattern but all of mine were 3-4 rows too short so when it was buttoned it pulled down and just didnt look like it fir. Easy enough to adjust, wondering if anyone else ran into this problem?

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    I'm working on this diaper cover and hat using the Pipsqueak yarn that you suggested. It looks great so far. My question is how the heck did you see the stitches with that white yarn to be able to work 5 rounds on the hat?! I haven't gotten to that yet and I'm a little worried about that

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