Crochet Tool Organization with the Jordana Paige Tool Butler

I have been agonizing about where and how to store my crochet tools for quite some time. Not only did I need to organize, but I also wanted to be sure my hooks, needles and scissors were in a safe place, away from my toddler and preschooler. Keeping them in a ziploc bag on my nightstand or buried in my yarn basket by the bed was not going to work anymore.

So you can imagine my excitement when I received a Jordana Paige Tool Butler in the mail! Not only is it stylish and made of gorgeous leather, but it also has all the pockets and compartments I needed to hold EVERYTHING! 
When you open it up you will find six flat pockets and a mesh pocket that that zips closed. Flip that over and you will find four accordion pockets that also zip closed. This is a crocheter and knitters dream come true!
I used the six flat pockets to hold all my hooks. The wider pockets hold my larger hooks, my Sharp Crocket Hook and some tapestry needles. The narrower pockets hold my smaller hooks, measuring tape, my favorite hooks (the H hook), and pens for writing down new patterns as they pop into my head :) The mesh pocket holds my sharp sewing scissors and the rest of my tapestry needles. The clear pocket came with an inventory chart but I thought it was a great place for my business cards.
The zippered accordion pockets holds other necessities. You guys now how much I love embellishing my crochet hats with buttons, so I had to dedicate one pocket to all my buttons :) Each pocket has place for a label which makes sorting and finding my materials easy and convenient!
The other pocket holds things like embroidery thread, my pom pom maker, stitch markers, safety eyes, zippers, tags and other small items that never had a place but that I use on a consistent basis.

There are spaces between the pockets which are perfect for print outs of the patterns I am currently working on. Now they aren’t getting crinkled or out of order!

You know what else I love about the Jordana Paige Tool Butler? I can easily switch out the materials to accommodate my craft supplies! Now I can take my crafts with me when we are traveling, in waiting rooms, or on our way to visit grandma and grandpa. The front pockets are perfect for paint brushes, colored pencils, pipe cleaners, safety scissors for my boys, and still room left for a couple crochet hooks.

The zippered pockets are great for felt and foam sheets, tape, glue sticks, glitter pens, crayons for my boys, and of course I always need my small glue gun!

If you are a crocheter, knitter or crafter who is looking for a storage solution, the Jordana Paige Tool Butler is a great compact case that will have your supplies organized in no time! Now that I’m not running around the house looking for scissors or searching for the right size needle to weave in ends, I am able to finish my crochet orders faster than ever and more efficiently. And most importantly, I don’t have to worry about my 1 year old and 3 year old getting their hands on sharp needles or running around with my hooks. 
If you are interested in purchasing a Jordana Paige Tool Butler or want more information, go to While you are there you will want to check out her fabulous knitting bags and other yarn storage solutions!


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    I have to look into that I have so many needles and I use a ziplock bag as well. I went on their website but I just saw bags only don’t know how to get to that area for the crafters Tool butler?!?!

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