Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties Pattern

I started playing around with my Crochet Rain Boots pattern and adapted it into these cute little cuffed booties! Enjoy the the pattern and be sure to follow my instructions on where to start, end and join your rounds since it is different than the rain boots pattern!

Always begin your rounds in the same stitch as your chain.

In rounds 2-5 you will end your rounds in the same stitch as your chain. So technically you will be adding an extra stitch to each round. I have found that this helps keep the heal flatter.

Update 10-26-12: A video tutorial for rounds 1-7 is now available on my YouTube channel. I am only allowed to upload 15 minute videos at a time so this all I have so far…  but I think it will help a lot of you out!

Crochet Cuffed Baby Booties
Size: 6-12 months
Vanna’s Choice® medium worsted weight yarn in two colors
Crochet hook size G-6 (4.0 mm)
tapestry needle for weaving in ends
Buttons for embellishments
ch – chain
SC – Single Crochet
HDC – Half Double Crochet
SC Decrease – Single Crochet decrease (I used the invisible decrease)

Starting with color 1
Chain 10, SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC in next 7, make 5 SC in the last chain
Now working on opposite side, SC 8, join, ch 2.
Round 2: HDC, 2 HDC, HDC in next 6, 2 HDC in next 2, HDC in next 2, 2 HDC in next 2, HDC in next 6, 2 HDC, HDC in last, join, ch 1. 
Round 3: SC 10, 2 SC in next 2, 2 HDC in next 5, 2 SC in next 2, SC in next 10, join, ch 1.
Round 4:  In back loops only, SC around, join, ch 1. (39 SC)
Round 5: In back loops only, SC around, join, ch 1. (40 SC)
Change to color 2
Round 6: SC around making deep single crochets (40 SC)
Round 7: Now working in both loops, SC around, join ch 1. (40 SC) 
Round 8: SC 12, [SC decrease, SC in next 2] 4 times, SC 12, join, ch 1. 
Round 9: SC 14, SC decrease, SC, SC decrease, SC, SC decrease, SC 14, join, ch 1. 
Round 10: SC 10, 6 SC decreases, SC 11, join, ch 1. 
Round 11: SC 10, 3 SC decreases, SC 11, join, ch 1. 
Round 12: SC 10, 2 SC decreases, SC 10, join, ch 1. 
Round 13-16: SC around, join, chain 1. (22 SC) (at the end of round 16, change color)
Change back to color 1
Round 17: SC around in new color, join, ch 1. (22 SC) 
Round 18: HDC around (22 HDC)
Round 19: SC around (22 SC)
Round 20: HDC around (22 HDC)
Round 21: SC around (22 SC)
Round 22: HDC around (22 HDC) 
fasten off and weave in loose ends. 
Fold over cuff (rounds 17-22)

Optional: Slip stitch around the bottom of the boot to create a thicker rim. I did this along the first “rim” that was created from crocheting in the back loops.

Tiny 5 petal Flower Pattern:
Magic Ring, SC 10 in magic ring, join, chain 1
In next stitch: (HDC, DC, HDC) all in one stitch, chain 1 and slip stitch to next stitch, chain 1 – repeat around.
fasten off and leave tail to sew on

*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

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  1. says

    it's so cute !!! thanks for pattern. Do you authorize me to translate into French in my blog (With a link towards your blog) When I would have realized these baby attractive booties. My blog friends search new modèle for gift (and me too)
    excuse me i don't speak very well english.

  2. says

    I'm new, and I get confused row 8, what I understand its sc12, then 1sc decrease, 1sc in next 2, but what does the 4 times mean? I've been trying, and I always have like 8 or 9 stitches away from me to join… Please help! :-) thank you in advance!

    • says

      Hi Diana,

      I'm definitely not an expert, but when you see something in brackets in a pattern, followed by something like "4 times", it wants you to repeat what's in the brackets that many time. So in this instance, you do the decrease, then 2 sc, 4 times. I hope that helps! (Sarah, I don't mean to steal your thunder!) :-)

    • says

      I had the same problem, and I found out it was my own fault. I made a sc decrease, but counted the stitch I made as 1 of the 2 you have to make. While actually you skip one, and make 3 sc's, and skip one again, then 3 again. You do that 4 times.

      • Mommasita4 says

        Me too. I have a hard time understanding this pattern. I watched the video, but it’s fuzzy …and definitely not for beginners. I couldn’t “see” what she was doing. I really want to make these…but even my friend who’s crochet’d for years is having troubles.

  3. says

    I love this pattern and am finding that it works up really fast! Thank you so much!

    Quick question though: I'm confused about the cuff. Are rows 17-19 all SC and then switch from HDC to SC on rows 20-24 or is it just row 17 that's SC and then you switch between the two on rows 18-22?

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi! I love your patterns but had a question. If I used a smaller hook would it make these smaller? I'm needing some for a nb-6 mos or so…

    • says

      From my understanding and looking it up, all you do it insert the needle a little farther past the loop you would usually stitch into. You can see in the picture that the stitches look deeper in the transition from gray to pink, as a result from the 'deep' stitch.

  5. Anonymous says

    These are adorable but I just can't get mine to look like that. Seems much bigger despite a tight stitch and doesn't seem to lay smooth.

  6. says

    What I get now is that rounds 2, 3 are in both loops, round 4, 5, 6 in back loops, round 7 in both loops till the final round or only the 7th round? and the rest am I right or it's something else?

  7. Luisa says

    These shoes are so, so cute! I just made one but it turned out lopsided for some reason :( I did count all the way through but might have joined at the wrong stitches or included too many decreases on one side. A video would be great! 😀 Thank you for sharing this pattern! :)

    • says

      I followed this pattern exactly, only used a size K needle, and used two strands of yarn instead of one. (you could also just use thicker thread.) It made approx. a size 5/6 in kids.

  8. janet says

    thank you for this great pattern! The directions seem easy to follow and can't wait to make them for my grand daughter.

  9. Anonymous says

    I am also confused on several things on the pattern in regards to after the 1st round what do I join it to? The 5 sc in the last chain is more stitches and makes a gap. Also, the deep single crochet (couldn't find it anywhere) and do I turn after the rounds? The video tutorial would help alot. Thank you.

  10. Anonymous says

    I love this pattern, just adorable! I was also wondering if you have a pattern to make a smaller sized bootie? For a younger baby? Thanks in advance and until then I will make these! :)

  11. says

    Love this pattern :) Just wondering if I was to make them for a one year old up can I just use or bigger needle or would I also have to add more to the starting chain? thank you xx

  12. Sarah says

    Yeah sooooo beautiful shoes! I gonna make these for a baby girl who's gonna be born at the end of this year. But they should fit to a 0-6 months old, so I'm asking the same question: how to make them smaller? Or are they small enough to fit a newborn..?
    anyways, it's real kind of you to share the pattern! Thank you!

  13. says

    These are so cute! Just made a pair for a baby shower gift. I ended up altering the pattern slightly by turning at round 17, so the outside would be prettier when folded over :) Then I added a row of scallops (ch1, 5dc in next st, skip 1, sc, skip 1, 5dc, etc until there's 6 scallops for anyone who wants to try it). They turned out great! Thanks for the pattern!

    • says

      Hi jessica, thank you for the great idea to alter the pattern with scallops, great idea for a baby girl…I also need to make newborn size, so I used a smaller hook (E or 4mm) and used snuggly wuggly baby yarn, I got at Michaels store….they came out perfect. A huge thank you to Sarah for shareing the pattern and others. Happy hooking (LOL)

  14. says

    To make smaller booties I would use a thinner yarn (Vanna's Choice is a little on the bulky side) and go down a hook size. I am also a loose crocheter, so I am sure if you crochet tighter, it will end up smaller :) Hope this helps!!

  15. says

    Vielen Dank,dass sie teilen mit uns diese schöne Anleitung.Es ist super erklärt und das Video ist auch sehr hilfreich.Ein schönes Geschenk für Enkelkind.Danke

  16. nadia says

    so deep sc is you just single crochet over the previous round? single crochet in the same stiches as previous rounds? please help me. Also, when do you do that optional slip stitch round on the bottom of the shoe?

  17. Anonymous says

    Just as a note – making these for the first time – read instructions first, then watched a portion of the video. At the end of Round 5 it says:
    "Round 5: In back loops only, SC around, join, ch 1. (40 SC)
    Change to color 2
    Round 6: SC around making deep single crochets (40 SC)"
    Yet in your video, I think you change colors before the join and chain 1, so that your color change occurs soon enough to keep the second color all in the same row, rather than having the chain 1 show up in the first color, correct?
    If this is the case, could you update the instructions for us newbies who aren't very good at color changes yet? 😉

    • says

      Hello, I have noticed there are a couple different ways to change colors so although I wrote it out to change colors after you chain 1, I prefer to change colors and then join, chain 1 (like I did in the video). Either way you do it will be fine :)

  18. says

    So, at round 17, it says 17-19 sc around. Yet then, it says 18 is HDC…I'm assuming that the 17-19 is a typo, and should just read 17.
    Is this correct??

    • says

      awesome!! thanks for fixing it. I'm on the 2nd pair today, almost done with them! These are SUPER cute and work up so fast!! These will make great baby gifts for my friends who are expecting!! Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! I appreciate free patterns so much!! HUGS!!

  19. Anonymous says

    Hi Sarah! I just wanted you to know that someone is selling this pattern on Listia. If it is you, I apologize. I just would hate for someone to be getting money/credits for your FREE pattern.

  20. says

    I finally got around to watch your video… THANK YOU!! I was very intimidated by booties for some reason and you made it look so easy. I appreciate you offering this up as a free pattern!! Thanks again!! I'm going to link back to this post even if I don't sell them, everyone should see how adorable these are!

  21. Anonymous says

    I can NOT get this patttern worked out-row 2 has 27 sc not counting chain-row 3 has 39-
    I come up short on row 3 no matter how I count them. any suggestions on my confussion!!!

  22. Gosia says

    I would love to make this booties for my two year old but i am fairly new to crochet :) and I should add I am not an Mathematic genius :( Should I just use chunky yarn and bigger hook?

  23. says

    These are so cute!! I made a pair a few days ago for a baby shower and absolutely loved them–I will definitely be using this pattern again! I used a size E hook with softer baby yarn (I'm also a pretty "loose" crocheter) and they turned out perfect for a newborn…I think I need to make a pair for my own baby due next month too! I'm pinning this page–thanks so much for sharing!!

  24. Anonymous says

    Love these just wondering if i could make in a bigger size? For 14 months if at all possible it would be greatly appreciated.
    Christine Fortier

  25. Anonymous says

    I have been trying literally all day to make these boots bigger. I've used larger needles and yarn and I have tried adding stitches. I just can't seem to figure it out. Do u have this pattern in a bigger size? I wanted to make them for a 1 and 2 year old.

  26. Anonymous says

    Thanks for sharing the pattern for these cute booties. I've pinned them to my pinterest board and am looking forward to making them one day. Thanks again for sharing. Happy Creating.

  27. says

    These booties are great! The pattern was easy (just make sure you're counting as you go)- the booties came together really quickly! After making a pair for my nephew, I was asked if I could make a pair for my friend's daughter – I created a modified pattern using this pattern to fit 24 months (which was also pretty simple). I'll be putting a pair together over the next day or two. Very excited!

  28. Linda says

    love this… but trying to figure out how to make this bigger…. My children are big footed! these are to small for my 7mnth old. Would i use a Larger yarn and hook? or add stiches? love the pattern and the result, just to small for my kids!!

    • says

      Go down a hook size. I know that I crochet tight so every pattern I do I have to go up a hook size for it to come out the specified size. On the good side, you have booties for when kids get a little older :)

  29. says

    Hey there. These are so cute And Ive been trying to make them but they keep turning out weird. Im counting and counting but I think I am some how getting off count. Could you please upload the other rounds on to youtube so I can follow you visually, I'd really appreciate it, i have to make 3 for several baby showers!

  30. Anonymous says

    This is frustrating – the advertisements on the right side of your pattern cuts off part of the dirctions and I can't crochet them.

  31. says

    THANK YOU so much for sharing this pattern, and also for the video tutorial. I've been looking a long time for a pattern that works up easily and also looks professional. Now I've found it. THANK YOU again for the awesome pattern!!

  32. Anonymous says

    Thank you for the pattern. These are so cute. I finished the first boot yesterday, and I know this might be a stupid question but I`m fairly new to this. Do I follow the same pattern for both left and right, or do I have to do each row in reverse?

  33. says

    I love these booties. I just learned that my oldest son (who did not want children) is now expecting with his little adorable Japanese wife, and he is happy about it! I know the baby will be beautiful and I want to make these booties for her (him). Thank you so much.

    I was also a stay at home mother and home schooled both my sons who are now career military (of all things!) I can appreciate your very important role. I pray God's blessing on you and your family. Thank you for sharing! Debra

  34. Anonymous says

    Hello there, Thanks for posting the pattern. I'm almost done with my first bootie but was wondering about rows 18-22. Are they worked continuously or do you join them at the end like the rest of the rows? Thanks!

  35. Anonymous says

    Hi i am currently working on these gorgeous shoes, i love them :) but i am stuck on round 8 how do i make a decrease?? I am new at crocheting and i really need help.

    Thanks alot :)

  36. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! This is my 3rd crochet project. I am making these for my step-sister who is expecting her first, a boy. The video definitely helped me get started. I did mine with grey and orange with little navy anchor buttons.

  37. Anonymous says

    These are adorable! I just got an order last night for "some cute baby booties" hahaha for a 10 month baby boy. Mom isn't sure exactly what she wants, just cute. heheh. So glad I found this pattern, I am definitely going to give it a try, I love it, it's so cute. I'm tired of the boring baby booties for boys!

  38. says

    Between row 4 and five you say you added a stitch, stitch count goes from 39 to 40 but you join as you did before, to first sc, so where are you adding a stitch?

  39. says

    Hello Sarah!
    Thank you very very much for this wonder!
    Really clear instruction and easy pattern.
    I finished it and it's look like I got it :)
    You're one of the few who accept to share the patterns free.
    I wish you and your family health, peace and love :)

  40. says

    at the end of round 6 in the video you join and ch 1 but you did not write that in the pattern. So far this is turning out nice. Just a few suggestions for your patterns and videos. If I were a beginner I probably would not be able to follow along with your video because you crochet quite quickly. Maybe you could slow down a bit when doing a video tutorial (also it is hard to hear you, maybe speak louder)
    You didn't meantion a guage for the pattern so im not sure if my botties are going to turn out the same size as yours. Maybe you could write that in or measure the length and width of the sole of the booties so everyone will know if the size is working out correctly. I hope you dont mind the suggestions! Thanks for the beautiful pattern!!!!!!! They are lovely

  41. says

    Hi, I also wanted to make it bigger, so I used two yarns. Problem is that the bootie is to wide, the shape is gone: the sole is to wide and the whole for the ankle is to small. Any tips? Thank you!

  42. Anonymous says

    Hi Sarah :) Just started crocheting the first bootie today and doing good so far. I was wondering, do I have to join and chain 1 after Round 18? and continue on that way? It doesn't say and I'm a little confused as to what to do… Thank you in advance :)

  43. says

    oh my gosh!!! I have a friend who is having a baby in less than 2 weeks!!!! I'm going to have to Crochet a whole basket load of these for her!!! They are way too adorable!!! You do such fantastic work!!!!

  44. Anonymous says

    Round 10 says 6SC decrease. Does this mean I SC decrease 6 consecutive times moving around the row? How it is written is confusing me as it makes me think I SC decrease 6 times in the same stitch. Can someone please clarify? Thanks!

  45. says

    Okay let me try this again….On that invisible sc decrease did you use both loops or just the front loops to make the sc decrease? Mine look like duck feet on the toe part!! BTW how's the pregnancy going??

  46. says

    I just did the steps for first colour and it turned out way too small! I counted all the stitches as I went, it turned out the size for a dolly not a 6 month old. Any idea what I did wrong?

  47. says

    I did this once and it came out HUGE, so I went and bought a smaller hook and yarn, made sure to crochet tight, and again still HUGE! I counted my stitches and it came out right.i did notice you wrote 6 mos-12 mos so I guess I'll hang onto them for awhile, but the sole of the foot is as big as my palm!!!!

  48. says

    ok I like doing this pattern and can read and understand it all. I have tried numerous times get it right. but every time I finish a bootie it looks too tight in the front and a little weird. doesn't look nice and round on the top like yours. it leans and doesn't sit right. any suggestions?

    • says

      I too had the same problem. The sides were off to one side. The problem was I did not finish the stitches in the stitch before the chain for rounds 6-22. She has clearly mentioned in the picture how to start and finish the row. Make sure you follow the same.
      Btw, Sarah thanks a lot for the pattern. They look super cute and the instructions are easy to follow even for a beginner like me. Thanks again!!!

  49. says

    I cannot get over how adorable those booties are!! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing how you do it! I really appreciate it. Most people that come up with those super cute patterns don't like to share without profit. So thanks again! I will be trying this soon! :)

  50. says

    Hi Sarah,

    How do I make bigger booties…can we increase the number of stiches in the similar series of ur pattern..plese revert

    I want to make it for my 10 month old son…and as he keeps growing would want to make bigger ones…so if there is a set pattern where I can just keep increasing the stiches that wud be great…


  51. says

    I need help. I must have tried it over a dozen times and it always turn off lobe sided. I think it's my joins.

    I'm using a marker to help me mark my rounds. I mark the loop when I create my chain. I've tried joining at the next loop following my marker and on the maker. It either gets lobe sided or there's not enough lips for me to stitch.

    Please help, I really want to crochet these cute booties!

  52. says

    So I'm having trouble understanding what a "deep" single crochet is. Can anyone help me out please. I've tried to watch the video but I can't get a clear enough view of what is being done. I am new to crocheting but have caught on rather quickly, I just haven't seen or needed to do a "deep single crochet." Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  53. says

    These are so adorable! I cant wait to try this pattern! I want to make these for a 1 year olds birthday thats coming up. Do you have a copy of this pattern for a bigger size? This will be one of my first projects, so I can use all the help I can get! Thank you!

  54. says

    Hi there… first of all, these booties are gorgeous, I absolutely want to crochet them for my girly…. BUT… I have a problem with the size ! I'm using a 4 mm but, I get a half too small size. My daughter is 5 months old, this pattern should fit her, but it doesn't. After watching the video I realise that your yarn looks bigger. I would like to use my yarn…so please, I need your help : how can I increase the sole?

  55. says

    firstly, thank you for sharing these adorable booties pattern. when I decrease, I leave noticeable gaps. it doesn't have a neat smooth finish at the toe as your pics. any tips or feedback on how to achieve your perfection?

  56. says

    Hi Sarah, I love these booties but I'm having a problem. My join seems to move on a stitch with each round, making the sole assymetrical. I think I'm doing the joins exactly as you specify in the photo etc. But the extra stitch at rounds 2-5 seems to be moving my join on. I can work around this by adding extra stitches to one side and subtracting from the other side, but I'd like to know what I doing wrong? Please help if you're still looking at these comments! Or anyone else! Thanks x

  57. says

    Hi these are so cute and im trying to make for my gf by thursday for her maternity photo shoot (she requested booties and your my go to so i was so happy to see botties) BUT im completely stuck on row 10 i sc 10 then for me to decrease 6 brings me to the middle of the toe and then if i sc 11 after i still have about 4 stitches till i reach the end to join ! HELP PLEASE!!! Where did i go wrong … i thought i was stuck on the last row but i was able to make it work im just getting so confused

  58. says

    I would like to thank you for this easy pattern, I am new at crocheting and this pattern was so easy for me to follow. I have made my granddaughter two pairs now lol in one day….plan on making many more……again thank you

  59. says

    I would like to thank you for this pattern..I am new crocheting and this was so easy me for me to follow. I had tried several other patterns and it all turned out bad UNTIL NOW. I have made two pairs now for my first Granddaughter and am just so excited to make many more in other colors..THANK YOU

  60. says

    I just made these but decided to go with a chunky (6) yarn and they came out in the size of a 2 yr old so cute .. thank you for your patterns ,… I was wondering if you ever thought about adapting these into a adult size they would be so cozy

  61. says

    I have made these booties before but for some odd reason i am having problems with round 8…i sc 12 then do the decrease x4 and do the sc 12 again and i am not ending up where i started again. what am i doing wrong because i have counted right and it should go right to the end.

  62. says

    Wish there was a video for the whole thing. I keep getting small holes where I decrease no matter how tight I pull the stitch. I feel like I'm still doing something wrong.

  63. says

    These are super cute, but I am really struggling with the decreased rounds. Starting with round 8. Can you please clarify it for me? From what I'm reading it goes from 40 stiches to 20. I can't get it to work out properly. Thanks for any help.

  64. says

    It's amazing really but what if I want to make a bigger size for 2years and 5 years old I tried a thicker yarn it's still small please answer me I looked for the answer everywhere nothing helped maybe u can help

  65. says

    OK I am having problems with the counts of how many stitches. Like it says 39 or 40 but I don't end where I began I go past that point and then for the cuff 20 stitches I always have a big gap for another 5 stitches or so what am I doing wrong

  66. says

    Thanks for the pattern!!! This is the first crocheted bootie that looks good and I can actually do!!! (I'm a beginner) I'm sure the booties I made have a few mistakes in them (like not going deep enough for the "deep sc") but they still look cute! Can't wait to make another pair and then send them off to my daughter for her 8 month old twins (boy and girl)!!!

  67. says

    I love these and will be making them this week for a new nephew we are getting in the spring 2014. I am so glad to find baby boy booties! Thanks for sharing the pattern. Lorraine

  68. says

    I love your patterns! This is one someone asked me to make for them and I have 1 done but have a few questions. First when u start the body of the bootie are yr joins going sideways up the back of the boot or should they be going straight. I join into the first stitch of each round and end at the stitch before the join. Also how come my bootie doesn't stand up nice lime yours does. I know I crochet loose but I went down to an e hook to help with that and unless I stuff the bootie with cotton balls they sure look sloppy. Do u block them? Thank you!!!!!'

  69. says

    First I love your patterns! Thank you! I do have two questions. For the back "seam" where u join should that join be going up at a slant vs straight. Mine of course is on a slant but I think I'm joining in the right spot. I join into the first stitch of the previous row and then do the first stitch of the next row in that same spot. Secondly do u stuff ur boot with something for the photo cuz mine doesn't stand up that nice or do u block? I do crochet loose but I went down 2 hook sizes to compensate for that. Thanks so much.

  70. says

    I do have another question that always confuses me when making booties. When u r doing the sole e right side is the one wth with the two rims created from doing the back loop right ? The sole seems to want to turn up the other way unless of course I am dong something wring. Thanks again

  71. says

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me adapt the pattern for a bigger size bootie, I just made a pair and the just fit my 4 month old daughter they are almost to small for her?

  72. says

    Thank you for sharing and the booties look cute, but there is something wrong with the pattern. I agree with other reviewers who wrote that theirs looked nothing like the photo. I have tried twice, but the end result looked puffy and shapeless, especially from the front – an angle the photos do not afford. I'm experienced with crochet and after reviewing the pattern again, I believe the problem lies in an uneven increase and decrease in the rounds, and especially the extreme decreases of rounds 9-12. I'm afraid there is something irrevocably faulty with the pattern.

  73. says

    Im stuck on round 10. Ive counted a million times!!! Ive done the 10sc then the 6 decreases then the 11sc but if i join it to the ch it leaves a HUGE gap!!! This is my 3rd time re-doing it and ive made far more complicated adult boots! Does anyone know what im doing wrong? Anyone experienced the same problem and knew what went wrong? HEEELLLPPP :( :(

  74. says

    This is a great looking pair of boots, but despite being an experienced crocheter I am finding the directions extremely confusing. For example, Row 5 makes no sense; there are no instructions to increase in Row 4 and yet somehow there is an extra stitch by the end of Row 5? This is as far as I have gotten because no matter what I do, I get a mess, and I know that the whole boot will be lopsided if the first few rows are not done correctly. Is there an updated version of this pattern somewhere else? Thanks.

  75. says

    Hi thank you so much for posting this pattern. My Godson is 3 months away and i couldn't find a crochet pattern that was cute until i found yours. Thank you again

  76. says

    I need some help with these. I am following the pattern exactly and its turning out nothing like the ones pictured. Im hetting gapi g holes or webbed effect where you decrease top of toe dependi g on how tight or lose I crochet and it doesnt always finish wherw it is supposed to

  77. says

    I haven't tried these yet but your instructions look really easy to follow and its nice to have a video to refer to. If i wanted to make an adult size do you think doubling up on the yarn and using a larger hook would work?

  78. says

    Dear Sarah,
    I really love the cuffed baby booties! I also saw loads of other patterns on your blog I would like to make… choices choices…. I've started on the cuffed baby booties and I'm almost finished with the first one, but then I read your "optional" part about the slipstitches. I don't understand how and when you crocheted them on your boot. Do you do this as an extra round in between round 4 and 5 or (as I kind of read it) at the end when the boot is finished make a round of slipstitches next to the first "rim" of back loops? It is probably my lack of experience in crocheting and also a misunderstanding in language (I'm Dutch). I hope you can help me out. Thank you so much for all your beautiful patterns! Cheers, Laura

  79. says

    The count is off on the sole. Do you have a corrected pattern? Doing your count leaves a three stitch gap on round two and subsequent rounds.

  80. says

    I have another question how do you make the inv. decrease? Is it supposed have holes when you make the decrease? I decreased like u usually do and I ended up like u would if you were making a regular bootie, but I also had some small holes even when u do the decease invisibly ! Can u tell me where I'm going wrong?



  81. says

    just wondering if anyone has figured out how to make these for a newborn
    baby?? I went down to a size 3.75 but it was still a big shoe…
    gonna try to use the bottom of another pattern..

  82. says

    These are cute but I've tried a million times and it keeps coming out wrong! My rows end in the stitches she says it should but it keeps coming out lopsided. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

  83. says

    Sarah, these are soooooo cute and i would love to try and make them. i am a newbie and watched your video, couldnt see it that well, but i know it was only 1-7 due to the 15 min time limit, but was wondering if you plan on doing the rest of the bootie at some time? i am a visual learner and it would be so much easier to watch to understand this and all the other great things you make. you are so talented!!! yes you are very fast, but their is a speed adjustment on yt so not worried about that! i and many would really appreciate it. thanks a bunch! i have two babies coming i would like to make these for! :)

  84. says

    I am working on making these…I am on round 8 after I crochet the last 12 sc it is leaving me with 10 stitches not worked???? and then the next round 9 It is telling me to sc in last 14?? Please help!! Thanks

  85. says

    hello Sarah!…I also noticed that in the pattern for round row 7 you tell us to use BL only and in the video you tell us to go through both loops…which one is correct please. Im sure either way will make a cute booty! thanks, Christina

  86. says

    When you say to decrease , do you mean just skip a stitch and go on to the next stitch. I wasn,t sure how to decrease so I checked on line and they bring a loop up into the stitch that should be decrease having three loops on the needle , I found that confusing and it didn't,t work out for me, but when I just skip a stitch for the decrease it seemed to work better. Please clarify . Thank you so much for the great pattern.

  87. says

    I love these boots! I just made a pair for my two and a half year old. I used a 6mm needle and then just did round 21 AND 22 X3. If I was making another pair I would probably add some more stitches on the bottom as well.

    • Angela Herd says

      I had no trouble. I made two lovely pairs of these booties in different colours. They turned out beautifully!

  88. says

  89. says

    I was wondering if I could do a video and put it on youtube doing this? I love the boots and have made many over the last couple of years for more than a few friends/family having babies and I am working on a blue pair right now for a friend having a boy. Would you mind if I did a video from start all the way to finish of these booties? Full credit links to this page and everything will be for you.

  90. Thun says

    I just made 2 pair of these adorable booties for a friend of mine. Although I’m an absolutely beginner I could follow your pattern without any problems. The video also helped a lot. Thank you so much, Sarah. Keep up your good work! You are one my favorites.

  91. says

    I have changed the cuff up a bit. I hope it’s okay. I figured it’s only fair to share. :)

    Round 13: Chain 1, SC around, join (22 SC)
    Round 14: Chain 1, SC around, join (22 SC)
    Round 15: Chain 2 (counts as first DC), DC around, join (22 DC)
    Round 16: Chain 1, SC around, join (22 SC)
    Round 17: Chain 1, In Back Loop Only, SC around, join, chain 1. (22 SC)
    Round 18: Chain 2 (counts as first DC), In Both Loops, DC around, join (22 DC)
    Round 19: Chain 2, *FPDC around next post, BPDC around next post*, repeat around, join (11 ST)
    Round 20: Chain 2, *FPDC around next post, BPDC around next post*, repeat around, join (11 ST)
    Round 21: Chain 1, SC around, join and tie off

    SHOE LACE: Chain 90, pulling tightly after every stitch, tie off

    Weave shoe lace around round 15. Tie and fold cuff over at rounds 16 & 17 and tuck lace underneath.

    I promise not to sell this pattern, even with the changes, or to claim it as my own. :) Enjoy!

  92. Lauren says

    I seriously want to thank you for all of the free patterns that you offer. I stop by your page frequently to find new patterns to try! I sometimes have problems following patterns but your’s are always a breeze! Written wonderfully! Keep doing what you are doing!

    PS- You have taught me so many different things that have made me a more skilled crocheter!

  93. Reneé Duminy says

    I’m really struggling with Round 10. After the 6 SC decrease, the stiches are only at the middle of the toe area, and 11 SC will not take me all the way round to the heel. I’ve pulled it apart three times already to start over… it is just not working. Would love to see the rest of the rounds on video please!

  94. says

    Start with user-friendly clothes. Look for stretchy fabrics; wide neck openings; loose sleeves, cuffs, and ankles; buttons, snaps, or zippers on the front of the garment instead of the back the last thing you want to do after you’ve wrestled your baby into a shirt is flip him over to finish buttoning him up.

  95. Jamie says

    Great pattern. But I kept ending up with extra stitches when starting to decrease. And the heel of my boot looks much taller than the rest.

  96. Nassim says

    I love these boots they’r so adorable and I want to make them for my friend’s 2 months old son. But I don’t know who to crochet. I just know how to knit. Can you post an instruction on knitting these boots? Is it even possible?

  97. Ashlee says

    This pattern needs a little tweaking, its fairly easily rectified by experieced crocheters but it could be very confusing for a newbie, the sole is fine but at around round 8 it gets a bit sloppy, the round does not finish where it should and i think this is because the pattern says to decrease a certain amount through the next few rounds but then when you come to sc around on round 13, there are more than 22 stitches (i think it works out about 26 stitches) i think this is because at the end of every round you join and chain one, which adds another stitch however i continued following the pattern and found the leg of the boot became very lop sided(as did everyone i asked to check the pattern incase i was missing something) so i frogged it and added another round after round 12 with another decrease in the middle. I also took out the join/chain 1 hereafter but found this made the leg of the bootie to tight so frogged again and crochet around 4 times adding in the chain to widen it slightly….please go over this pattern and correct it for people that dont understand!!

  98. Catharina says

    Your video does not match with your written pattern. A bit confusing. second part of round 2 you write 2 HDC in next 6, 2 hdc hdc in last join ch1 in the video you hdc in next 6 2 hdc in next 2 stitches hdc in next two then you continue going 6 hdc without joining and ch1 trying to figure this out. Do I follow the pattern or the video. ???

  99. Kathy says

    I’m a pretty experienced, but I have tried to do round three several times and I keep ending up with two extra stitches at the end.

    These booties are super cute and I would love to make them but I just can’t seem to figure out how to get past around three.

    I really appreciate all the work you put into creating this pattern and the video.

    • Megan says

      What I did was copy and paste the pattern in a text program, then put a checkbox next to all the instructions, each little step, so I could keep track of what I did. Helped a lot.

  100. Sumaiya says

    Hey all your crochet projects are cute and amazing for your cuffed crochet booties can I use a hook that is different from 0.44mm? How will it be if I use a. Different sized hook?

    Thank you.. :-)

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