Friday, October 26, 2012

Felt Forest Friends Keychains

When I started out making these adorable little felt forest friends, my thought was to make them keychains, but after I put the first one together, I thought they would make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments. And wouldn't they also be adorable hanging from a mobile in a nursery?!

I am going to run through a quick tutorial on how to make the toadstool mushroom and then you can apply that method to the rest of them. I am also providing you with a downloadable PDF template of all 4 of the basic shapes for you to print out, trace and cut.

First, download the template HERE
You will need felt in various colors (see picture for color ideas). Feel free to use whatever colors you wish or copy what I have done.

You will also need small amounts of ribbon for the loop at the top, and yarn that coordinates with each felt color for stitching. If you want to make these keychains, you will need to purchase key rings (I found mine at Michaels).

(Note: Don't be confused by the picture of the toadstool. I used that print out before I created the templates. My templates will be much easier to follow)

The template includes the major elements you will need to cut out and trace onto felt. I didn't include the toadstool circles, the circle eyes for the bird and owl, or the small triangles for the foxes ears and owl nose, so be sure to cut those out as well.

You will need to cut out two pieces of each "body" elements which you will stitch together.

I separated strands of yarn to be 2-ply (instead of 4-ply) and used a small tapestry needle to work my way around the edges of each piece. Be sure to stitch the embellishments (like eyes) on before sewing the two felt pieces together. Connect body parts as you stitch as well. For instance, I stitched the mushroom stem together then sandwiched it between the top and bottom pieces of the mushroom head. Then I stitch around the edge of the mushroom head, going through the stem.  Don't be afraid to use hot glue when needed.

 I lightly stuffed the "bodies" of each one to give them a little dimension.

Before completely closing the top, be sure to hot glue your ribbon loop inside of it and then stitch it closed.

That's it! Aren't these the cutest little critters (and toadstool) you ever did see?!


  1. They are so cute. Thank you for sharing them with us. I will head to Michaels and get the felt and rings. Thanks again.

  2. So cute! I'd love to make & have a woodland Christmas! Thanks for the inspiration & template. Visiting from & a new follower. Drop by anytime found you via a blog hop.

  3. Really, REALLY cute! Thank you for sharing. Pat

  4. How adorable! Thank you for providing the template. :-) In years past I've made similar ornaments for my nieces and nephew for Christmas but had to make up my own patterns. Having this is very convenient.

  5. So adorable! I can totally see it as a nursery mobile, too!! Pinned it!

  6. really nice, all of them!
    xxxx Alessandra

  7. So lovely!!! Love the mushroom! Thanks so much for sharing template and tutorial! I'd love for you to visit my blog.
    Happy week!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  8. These are just adorable! I love the little fox. I HAVE to make him! I have pinned in my ! :)

    1. The fox is my favorite too! Thanks for pinning!

  9. So cute! Thanks for sharing.

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  11. LOVE!! You are awesome for including the templates :)

  12. Adorable! I definitely need to make some of these. For myself. No sharing... :)

    Thanks for always supporting Artsy Corner!!

  13. These are super cute! I have scheduled a picture post with a link to here on my facebook page for 6 pm tonight! :)

  14. so sweet and cute. thanks for the template.

  15. I love this, thinking of making it into a mobile. Thanks for making it available to us! Do you know if there's a way to download the pdf without buying a membership to the downloading tool?

  16. adorable! now I won't have to buy an expensive mobile. this matches my nursery! Thanks

  17. adorable! now I won't have to buy an expensive mobile. this matches my nursery! Thanks

  18. Hi hun. I featured this on my FB page. I hope that's ok.

  19. Saw this over at Daily Craft.. Way toooo cute!!

  20. Looks like these would be perfect as fridge magnets too-- just throw a little magnet tape on the back.
    I might need to make a rainbow of woodland critters for my fridge!