Mason Jar Playdough Snowman

My friend Shannon (the one from the Gender Reveal Party) had a prenatal appointment yesterday so we happily had her two boys over to our house for a playdate! With 4 boys in our house, I knew I was going to have a couple activities up my sleeve to keep everyone occupied. I thought homemade play dough would be a fun project for all!

This is a no-cook playdough recipe that turned out great! I found it over at and it just takes a couple of ingredients and mixes quickly without any need for stove-top cooking!
You can find the recipe HERE

The boys had fun playing with the dough and using cookie cutters to make different shapes. 
When they were done, I filled mason jars with two balls of dough and had them pick out buttons, felt for the scarves, and orange foam triangles to make snowman faces! I hot glued them on to the front of the mason jars and viola!, we had cute little snowman playdough jars that our friends were able to take home with them.
These would make a great DIY gift for the holidays and a fun craft to do in the classroom or during a playdate :)



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