Owl Granny Square Crochet Pattern

I posted this pattern on my friend Kara’s crochet blog, Petals to Picots, back in August in honor of her Granny Month. But I thought I would share it with you again and show you how the owl squares are being used!

I made them into an owl bunting for my friend Shannon’s owl-themed gender reveal party!

It was first displayed over the party food table…

But now it sits over her daughters crib! They are expecting their baby girl in early January 2013 :)

Photo courtesy of Shannon Erickson Photography

Of course I would love to make an afghan with this square pattern, but I need more time and patience to take on that type of project right now :) If you are interested in making a blanket with these squares and want to alternate between the owl granny square and a basic granny square, you can follow a basic granny square pattern like THIS ONE and your squares will be the same size.

Owl Granny Square Pattern

– Vanna’s Choice Yarn
– Size G-6 (4.25 mm) Crochet Hook
– Tapestry need
– Small Black buttons for eyes

SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
HDC = Half Double Crochet
TC = Triple Crochet
Click here for how to make a Magic Ring.

Start by making your owl. This pattern would also make a great appliqué!

Magic Ring, Chain 1, 8 HDC in magic ring, join to first HDC, chain 1
Round 2: 2 HDC in each around, join to first HDC, change color (16 HDC)
Round 3: Chain 2, 2 DC in each around, join to first DC, chain 1 (32 DC)
Round 4: HDC, in next stitch: DC – TC – DC, SC in next 5, in next stitch: DC – TC – DC, HDC in next, slip stitch to join.
fasten off, weave in ends.

Turn owl over. You are going to be attaching a series of chain 3’s where the brown DC’s join the pink (see picture). It’s best to start to the right of the ear. Be sure to work clockwise (see photo). To start, draw your hook under the bottom of the DC, chain 3. Now skip every other DC. So your pattern should look like this:

SC and chain 3, skip one, SC and chain 3, skip one, SC and chain 3, all the way around. In the end you will end up with 8 places where you have connected with SC’s and 8 chain 3 spaces. slip stitch to join to the bottom of the first chain 3.

Now working inside your chain 3 spaces…
Chain 3 – 2 DC – Chain 1 – 3 DC all in same space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, Chain 1, *3 DC – Chain 1 – 3 DC all in same space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, Chain 1, *Around, slip stitch to join to the top of the first chain 3, fasten off.

With new color and starting in corner space…
Chain 3 – 2 DC – Chain 1 – 3 DC all in same space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, *3 DC – Chain 1 – 3 DC all in same space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, *around, slip stitch to join to the top of the first chain 3, fasten off.

With new color and starting in corner space…
Chain 3 – 2 DC – Chain 1 – 3 DC all in same space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space,* 3 DC in next space – Chain 1 – 3 DC all in same space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, Chain 1, 3 DC in next space, *Around, slip stitch to join to the top of the first chain 3, fasten off, weave in all ends.

This is what the backside of your granny square should look like:

Now you can add the embellishments to the owl.

Magic Ring, Chain 1, 8HDC in magic ring, join to first HDC, fasten off leaving a long tail to sew on.
Sew on no larger than 1/2″ black buttons in the middle for eyes.

Beak and Feet:
Sew on yellow yarn with tapestry needle. Loop the yarn through 3 times to make both the feet and beak.

You can download a PDF of this pattern HERE.

*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

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Thank you for sharing this here! I hadn't seen your previous share. This is adorable! I know someone who had a baby a couple of months ago and has used owls in the nursery…this will be a perfect gift for her! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hugs, Annette

Heehee these are so cute! I've noticed that owls are everywhere right now and these granny squares would make really cute accents on a baby blanket. I'm gonna try these out, thanks for sharing 😀

I love these squares Sarah, very cute and unique. Do you have any ideas for a crocheted baby blanket of a Dr. Seuss theme? My neighbors are expecting in Feb. and I am looking for ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Love Di ♥

I really love this!! I used this along with a regular granny square to make my friend a blanket for her owl themes baby shower! It turned out great!!

wow, I just found my new favorite blog. I L O V E Y O U R B L O G!
You are incredibly creative, and make the nicest things.
Love your recipes, they are really good!
I've just crocheted one of the great owl hats you've made.
Thanks for the recipe.

Hugs Ida in Norway :)

Oh so cute! Thanks so much for taking the time to publish this adorable pattern. I am new to blogging, so I hope I linked everything properly to your blog in my post, because I just had to share this!
Take care

Good grief this is cute! I saw you got it on Craft Gawker! I've managed to get one thing accepted there – they are CRAZY picky! Such a great pattern, Sarah. Thanks so much for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!

This is so awesome! I have two people who collect owls, and this will make a perfect gift! I also love the concept behind your blog– crafting crocheting, and crockpoting describes so much of my life:-)

I love these squares Sarah. I am about to set off on a couple of months of back and forth travelling moving from one country to the other side of the next and I have decided I am going to spend my sitting time making these and have already started a travelling box collecting wools etc. Thanks for this inspiring idea and hopefully I will eventually show you the result.

I wonder if there's an opportunity for me to translate this wonderful pattern to Swedish and borrow images? Of course I link to your blog where the original pattern is, and do you have anything else to say about the pattern, I write naturally with it.

You can reach me at; http://saannisdesign.blogg.se/

Thanks in advance
/ Saannis

These are the cutest squares I've ever seen! About how big do they end up? I would like for them to be 8 in. so I can donate them to Knit-A-Square. If they are not 8 inches, do you have a suggestion on how to make them larger?

To make them larger just keep adding rows to the outside following the same colour repeats until they are the size you want or use a bigger hook & chunkier yarn? X

I made the orange owl squares into a scarf for my daughter, five squares per side with a plain sc/dc band across the back of the neck. She is in love with it, it's so cute. You'd need to add a row or two to bring it up to 8 inches for KAS I think.

Thanks for sharing this pattern. I am making a baby blanket and I an thinking of adding these owls as applique around the blanket.

Hi Sarah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I am a Beginner crocheter… I mean a PRE-Beginner! :) I go to a class for one hour one time a week. The instructor goes to each person and helps them out so I feel it's a slooooooooowwww process and the class is only 8 weeks long. So, my question is do you think these are good for a Beginner? Or more for an Intermediate crocheter? I would like to make them as potholders. Thanks!

LOve LOve LOve this!!! But I'm fairly new and I have a hard time understanding written patterns. Would it be possible to have a tutorial made?? Thanks for any consideration!! and Thank you for share your beautiful work !!!

This is great! I saw this on Facebook and clicked here. I saw a craft here I really liked and thought I had bookmarked your page but I didn't and I forgot the title of your blog and voila! The link led me here! I Liked your page on Facebook and will be sure to bookmark this page :) I'm also going to share this craft on our CafeMom group Holiday and Party Crafts with the link back to you. Thanks so much!!!

thank you so much, have been wanting to learn to crochet for ages but this has really inspired me. your owls would make lovely pockets for children's cardigans, and a baby blanket, and a cushion cover, and so many other things x

Thanks for this tutorial. It's so lovely !
Am I allowed to translate it to French to share it with members of my needlework club ? Or maybe there's an "official" French version already existing somewhere ?

Thanks so much for a lovely owl-pattern. I have included the owl in a grannysquare-blanket I made for a little boy's first birthday. Today I have presented it in the blog I and my best friend write. I sure will try some of your other chrochetpatterns in the future!

Best regards from Nostet in Norway!

Hi Ms. Sarah!
I have a question for you. :) I am making my mom an afghan and I was wondering how big these squares are when you finish them? Thank you for your time and this pattern, it's adorable!

I just visited my local wool store in penrith, sydney and they have this pattern made into a large blanket in their window!!!! just thought you should knnow!

I am working on this rite now and have discovered if u want a true square corner u have to ch2 in 1-2 granny rows and ch 3 in remaining rows and sc all the way around (best for assembly )

I am working on this rite now and have discovered if u want a true square corner u have to ch2 in 1-2 granny rows and ch 3 in remaining rows and sc all the way around (best for assembly )

thank you for your info! i've been having a hard time getting these squares to look right, even following the directions to the letter. i've ended up with 9 chain posts instead of 8, on the bac, and have to have made improvisational fixes. not fun.
also, it seems as if a *chain* instruction is missing from the second color round instructions (before the *). that's fun to realize after finishing the round off.

These are gorgeous! I've pinned to come back to. I was thinking they could be made a bit bigger (same owl, just more around the outside), with a felt backing, and used for pot holders. What do you think? I reckon my 11 year old might get a kick out of making one or two for Christmas presents.

You are so clever! Ive linked your page to a crochet circle for young mums who are keen to learn the art of crochet. Hope you dont mind – some of them are getting confident enough to venture into trying something like this! Those that arent will see this and probably want to try! ♥

Hi there, wonder if you could help with something, I'm trying to do the owl,but since I'm very new to crocheting I'm finding it very difficult to read the instructions I've done all till I come to round 4 where it states

Round 4: HDC, in next stitch: DC – TC – DC, SC in next 5, in next stitch: DC – TC – DC,HDC in next, slip stitch to join

when it says in the next 5 does that mean all of these DC-TC-DC, SC in one stitch and repeat 5 times or DC in one stitch TC in one stitch etc?

Any help will be appreciated

OMG! I'm totally using this square in the middle of a blanket I'm making for my friend's baby! <3 <3 <3 <3

If I post this to my blog, I'll be sure to link back here!

Hi! Really love the pattern but struggling with round 5 where you have to turn the owl over and work under the dc. How do you attach your new colour? Are you supposed to start with a dc or 3 chains? Please help!

First of all, thank you for a wonderful pattern.

I wonder if it is possible for me to translate your designs into Swedish and share with my blog readers? Have many readers who are really eager to crochet for your pattern but can not read English descriptions. Obviously, I will link to you and your pattern and give you credit for the work!

Please let me know if it is okay or not.

Thanks in advance / Saannis

Hi! Great pattern! It's so fun and different. I'm a new crocheter and I'm not the best at reading patterns. I suggest to anybody else new at crocheting who may be attempting this pattern to have the regular Granny Square mastered first. I tried to make the owl square before I learned the granny square and it kept coming out round. After I made the granny square and figured out how to math-it-out the owl square became square in my next attempt.

Thanks again for sharing, they're truly wonderful!


These might just be the cutest things I've ever seen! I love crochet, but something I try seem a bit old fashioned (not in a good way). I will give this a go, I'm thinking cushion maybe, and be sure to let you know if it turns out well.
Thank you.

Love this. I've avoided granny squares but had to make this one – and now I've downloaded the pirate patterns – oh dear – added to my list of things to do as got couple of toys and a a cardigan to finish. This one was so quick it was like having a rest :) Thank you so much for sharing your patterns.

Thank you so much for this Owl Granny Square, I love it. I just made one and it's too cute, I think I'll make an afghan, pillow and who knows what else. Just a bit of advise for a beginner, practice a few granny squares before making your first one, I think this will help you. Thanks again!

when i get to the first granny square attached to the circle behind the owl i seem to always make it crooked. any tips on how to correct that? i cant seem to figure out what i'm doing wrong

Sarah, thank you so much for sharing this pattern!! I just made my first owl over the weekend and can't wait to make a baby blanket with a mix of owl squares and granny squares.

Thank you for this sweet owl pattern. I want to make blanket for my new grand daughter due in November and I can't get the 'attaching' part right. Please, do you have a VIDEO link?? Thanks!

HDC, in next stitch: DC – TC – DC, SC in next 5, in next stitch: DC – TC – DC, HDC in next, slip stitch to join – I did mine and realise the top as all ruffled as I'd read the pattern as being 5 stitches in the middle of DC-TC-DC-SC. When it should be first stitch is HDC-DC-TC-DC, then in the next 5 stitches do SC, then in 7th stitch do DC-TC-DC-HDC. Just in case anyone else read it wrong like me.

Also I didn't understand how you wrote the first lot of double crochets in the 8 chain spaces. But I then figured out you do 2 lots of 3 double crochets for the corner with a chain space in between them,and then 3 double crochets in the next and then repeat that around 4 times. I am sure it's me unable to follow the pattern and not the pattern fault, only been crocheting since January. Love this pattern, will be making many more now I've worked out what I'm doing. Thanks for sharing it, love Kat's blog too, just making her crochet roses hearts.

Does Anyone happen to have a picture that they could post of the back of a finished owl granny square? I'm just wanting to see if the stitching to the embellishments is supposed to be visible or hidden. Thanks!

WoW! This must have been a popular pattern! I had to to scroll down a mile before I got down to the end of your comment section for this one.

Just wanted to say thx again for another lovely pattern. Again, my mind says "Coasters". I guess I like coasters or something. I know this, I like owls and coasters so I'm happy to see this pattern. Happy Crocheting!


Hello, I would like to say "Thank you" for sharing your gorgeous owl pattern. This is exactly what I am looking for. It has been many years since I've crocheted an am Looking forward to being creative once again. My husband passed away just ten months ago, being along in a town we had recently retired to. I decided I surely needed to once again start a hobby I had truly loved. I have no doubt it will take a bit to recall all the stories. I have an adult daughter that loves owls an is crazy about them. I know when I finish and send this beautiful patterned owl in a large throw (that's what I'm hoping to make her) she will be over the moon.
Not crocheting in such a long time I am at a loss for how much yarn I should order. I do plan to create the throw output purples as purple is her favorite color. I plan to use the owl squares and the granny squares as I'm wanting to make this quite large. My problem, I'm at a loss for how much yarn I will need along with what purples. I am hoping you can help me with just what I will need. As I wrote I will be ordering on line. being handicapped I can't get to the stores myself. My wonderful husband who was a retired Veteran did my shopping. I'm sorry for such a long post but I honestly didn't know of anyone I could ask for advice with this. I have bookmarked this page so I can find the instructions again an would be extremely grateful for any reply's with some helpful advise. I also haven't purchased yarn in forever, or as it seems. O:) any advice as to the name brand of a yarn that is good quality but isn't all that costly would be nice to know.
I don't know if I am allowed to add my email address here for any reply's but I will list it and hope it will be okay.
Please excuse my long post, I hope you or someone will be so kind and help with the amount of total yarn for the throw along with the colors needed.
I thank you kindly for any and all in advance.
Warmest regards,
Addie. Addiut@gmail.com

I started an Owl Granny Square afghan in May after the second time A friend sent me this link. Today I got it for the third time so I decided to state my progress. I decided on making 55 squares with 5 different color squares behind the Owls. I also decided early on NOT to use buttons. 110 buttons just sounded too much. So I'm making a 6 prong starburst in the center of each white circle. Very Cute.
To try and help out Nana/Addie I'll give you a bit of information on what I've used. First I am using mostly leftover yarn that was donated to our Senior Center. I did have to purchase black yarn.Red Heart Super Saver from Walmart. 744 yds. I do not know for sure if this will be enough for each square and for the borders. For the Owl I used one skein of a very light pink, and two browns probably equal to one skein. I also had to use 2 different greens. Remember I'm using leftovers here. Since I was only doing 11 squares with each color scheme I only needed about a half of skein of each. My 5 color schemes after the green row. 1. Medium blue and medium brown 2.light green and Burgundy, 3. Light purple and deep red 4. dark purple and Olive green and finally 5 Dark purple and rust. All of these have one row of black around them. I know the color scheme sounds strange but since I wasn't going to make all the squares exact I decided to just go for whatever I could find in the donation closet. Addie I'll post pictures on my blog for the next couple of weeks terryhathaway@blogspot.com

I am about ro set up a blog. I know a lot of people ego would love to crochet this square. A lot of them have difficoulties with the english language… I wonder If I may translate this pattern to swedish and copy the pictures. I will link back ro this site. Have a Nice day!

Love the pattern but having to pay 9.00 a month to print it off from Scribd is a bit much. Love your site but that is alot of money.

Thank you so much for this pattern!! I have considered making grannies, but never really saw any that I *had* to make. Until now. I have so many ideas!!

Love this, thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been looking for a project I could really dive into to ward off the cold weather blues, and this is so cute I have to try it. Your instructions are very well written, thanks again!

OMG ! I just found out your website… thank you so much for this article :) I think I’ll have lots of fun here…..

Wow, I’m impressed !

Love this little owl! Added 2 blocks to Lion Brand’s Heirloom Sampler Baby Afghan and love the finished project! Thank you!

No entiendo como en la página no me deja traducir al español, creo que algunas veces que he entrado si he podido, me podrían indicar cual es el motivo , le quedaría muy agradecida.

Just discovered the owl pattern, love it and worked up super easy! Thank you for sharing. I’m doing blankets and this is a special square going on my daughters blanket for Christmas. She adores owls! Even has an owl tattoo.

Is there any way that I could get a pattern for the owl pot holders from granny squares
I am willing to buy it so darn cute

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. Wonder is there any ‘formula’ where I can grow this square much bigger ,toying with the idea to make into a A4 size book bag. Thanks

I just found this blog and would love to make this for my friend. However the pattern link says it was removed. Is there somewhere else I can go to get the pattern?