Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Pipe Cleaner Glasses

We don't have much planned for new years eve this year, but I thought it would be fun to get crafty and celebrate with these fun and goofy glasses! They are very quick and easy to put together and the perfect new years party accessory!

I pretty much followed THIS 2010 glasses tutorial from Make and Takes, except you will need to make a "3" instead of a "0" at the end. I used the middle arm in the number 3 to connect the zero and then the 1 together. Cut one pipe cleaner in half to make the part of the glasses that go over the ears. Use the first one to connect the 2 and 0 together and connect the other one to the 3.  Just keep bending and twisting your pipe cleaners to so that they are in the shape desired. They are very easy to work with.

Older kids will have fun making their own glasses and younger kids can help choose the colors of their glass. Pipe cleaners are also a great tool for sensory play so let them bend and explore the pipe cleaners for a fun activity together during the long winter break.

And there you have it! 2013 pipe cleaner glasses to ring in the new year!
Be safe and have fun celebrating!


  1. That is one cute kid wearing those cute glasses!! Thanks for the idea for our family NYE craft project.