Yummy Dough

We had the pleasure of getting to try out a new product this week called Yummy Dough! Yummy dough is completely edible play dough! It is safe to eat raw, or you can bake it into a cracker-like treat.  
It comes in 4 colors, each in a powder packet. 

All you need to do is add 15 ml of water to the powder (measuring tool is provide). It mixes up easily and you can mix the 4 primary colors to make most any color you desire. 

Unlike the homemade edible play doughs that are peanut butter based, Yummy Dough, is no mess to put together, comes in cool colors, and you are able to bake it and supposed to eat it! 

Yummy Dough smells amazing! Just like a vanilla cookie! I knew little brother was going to want to put it in his mouth, but that was completely fine with me. Finally a play dough that I felt comfortable with little brother playing with! 

Big brother made lots of snakes and multi-colored pancakes that he called a snowman :) Even I got in on the fun and made the boys zoo animal crackers, although they taste and smell more like sugar cookies which is even better if you ask me :)

We baked them in our toaster over on non-stick foil at 275 degrees for 8-10 minutes and then had ourselves a little snack!
Yummy Dough would make a wonderful Holiday Gift for any child! You could also give your baked yummy dough treats as gifts. You can find more information at www.yummydough.com. or to purchase go HERE 
I also recommend “liking” their Facebook page. I noticed they like to have yummy dough giveaways :)

I just received a 2-for-1 promo code for Yummy Dough that is good through December 31st if you purchase it through the Smarty Parents website!!! Coupon code is GoYummyDoughGo. Click HERE to purchase.


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